15 Interesting coffee tables for all tastes and styles

The coffee table is often the focal point of the living room. It’s a piece that sits in the center and automatically catches your eye. Lately it has become more of a decorative element that a functional one and sometimes it’s even features sculptural forms that make it a unique accent piece. We have selected a few coffee table designs that we find interesting. They represent several styles and they are all unique in their own way.

In a modern living room, a simple and more casual coffee table is often needed. This one, for example, has a transparent glass top that goes well with the whole airy and bright décor. The table sits on wheels which makes it even more practical and versatile.

This living room has an overall eclectic interior design with several styles being combined harmoniously. The coffee table features a very interesting and sculptural design that makes it eye-catching but that, at the same time, makes it extra functional by providing practical storage space.

This living room is part of an open floor plan and the whole space shares a cohesive décor throughout. The monochromatic theme also helps with that. The coffee table is not particularly eye-catching but it integrates perfectly into the décor. It’s simple, with a thin metal frame a wooden top.

Some coffee tables are made of wood and, even though you could be tempted to think that wood works well only in rustic and vintage decors, that’s actually not true as this is a very versatile material. This space, for example, has a pitched ceiling covered in wood, with exposed beams and with wooden furniture throughout. It’s a modern space and you can tell that by looking at the design of the coffee table which is simple and has organic lines and a charming look.

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In a traditional living room you can either have the classical elegant coffee table of something a little more casual and vintage such as this interesting model with wheels. It has character and charm and contributes to an overall original and cohesive décor.

Coffee tables can sometimes be pieces that have been repurposed or that have designs inspired by other cultures. This antique table adds a touch of exotic charm to the room and stands out with all the intricate details and lines that cover its surface.

This living room is defined by all the simple lines, the beautiful paneled white walls and the repurposed furnishings. The coffee table and the chair are the stars of this décor and they make the room feel extra comfortable, charming and inviting. It’s a very interesting mix of styles and influences.

A modern living room usually requires a modern coffee table. If you for simple, sculptural lines for the furniture and décor throughout the room, then the coffee table should be a reflection of those elements in a condensed form. It has to be representative for the style you have chosen and for the décor in general.

Since the coffee table is a central piece of furniture in any living room, it’s easy to see why it has become a focal point in most homes. In such cases, a more extravagant design can be adopted. It doesn’t necessarily have to feature sophisticated lines and intricate detailing. It’s enough to impress with its color, finish or shape.

A very common option for most modern and contemporary living room is the coffee table that has either a square or rectangular shape, a low design and a very simple, minimalist look with clean lines and usually a neutral color. This coffee table is very representative for this style.

Even though it’s common, you can have more than one coffee table in your living room. Depending on the size and layout of the room, several options are available and you can adapt everything to your tastes and preferences. You can organize a relaxing sitting area with a sofa, a few comfortable chairs and one or two coffee tables that could be used for playing games or other activities.

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A very interesting concept when it comes to coffee tables is to opt for a transparent glass top that lets you see all sorts of interesting design details underneath. It’s a great idea for this particular piece of furniture as it draws even more attention to it and provides a nice conversation subject for your guests.

The shape of the coffee table can sometimes be its best feature. You can opt for a neutral color or a simple material and a more unusual shape if you want it to stand out. You can also opt for something in between if you want the coffee table to look interesting but don’t want to it to steal all the attention.

Large, open space living rooms usually require a larger coffee table. But an alternative would be to have several small tables and this way a more practical, functional and versatile design is created. You can either use them all or you can choose to use them elsewhere when needed.

All-glass coffee tables are particularly beautiful. They look fragile but they’re actually resistant and durable. It’s a very interesting combination of qualities. The table is strong and durable but, at the same time, it’s very thin and delicate. It lets light get through and makes the room feel airy and uncluttered.

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