15 Gorgeous Rustic Dressers Worthy Of Your Master Bedroom

Looking for that one piece of furniture that can make your home feel complete? We have a feeling that a rustic dresser would fill the spot just right. It’s the type of accent piece that can be very practical and look amazing at the same time. Add a few charming hints of rustic character to the dresser and it can become a lovely piece of furniture and a powerful design element. In case you’re in need of some inspiration for choosing the perfect rustic dresser, we’re happy to share with you some of our favorite models.

1. Matilda 9 Drawer Double Dresser

The Matilda dresser is as charming as it is functional. It’s carefully crafted by skilled artisans out of solid pinewood and it features traditional crown moldings that add a plus of elegance to its already beautiful design. Another distinctive detail is the removable cup-pull hardware that gives it a casual and familiar look. The dresser has nine storage drawers in total, three of which are smaller and positioned at the top. It’s a perfect piece for a welcoming family home.

2. Waltham 7 Drawer Chest

The Waltham dresser also has lots of character as well as a strong rustic allure. It’s a vintage piece of furniture with a clean and elegant design and a look that’s slightly more formal compared to other models. The dark blue and matte finish emphasize its stylish overall shape. It’s a beautiful piece for a master bedroom or a guest room. It has seven drawers in total, four larger ones and three smaller ones at the top. The molded trim along the top and base adds a traditional twist to its design.

3.Schaffer 9 Drawer Double Dresser

There’s plenty of storage space inside the nine deep drawers of the Schaffer dresser. It has six big drawers for clothing and three smaller ones for accessories and other items. The dresser is made from a combination acacia, rubberwood and manufactured wood and has a beautiful distressed finish that gives it a subtle rustic feel. It’s a strong presence but it’s also quite simple and uncomplicated which helps it maintain its versatility.

4. Travis 5 Drawer Chest

For smaller spaces, consider a more slender dresser with a single column of drawers. A beautiful example is the Travis dresser which is as practical as it is beautiful. It has five drawers in total, all the same size and aligned vertically. It saves you floor space and makes up for the small footprint by being taller compared to other wider dressers. You can get it in this beautiful rustic gray finish as well as three other ones, all made of solid wood and with the same type of hardware.

5. Wanston 9 Drawer Combo Dresser

If space is not an issue, perhaps you’d like something bigger, something that offers diversified storage options. The Wanston dresser could be perfect in that sense. It’s elegant, robust and has a classic look with rustic influences. It also maintain a simple design with clean lines and a distressed finish that emphasizes the natural beauty of the pinewood grain. The drawer pulls and knobs have a graphite metal finish and go beautifully with the farmhouse-style design details. This amazing dresser has nine drawers and an additional storage space at the center.

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6. Annie 9 Drawer Combo Dresser

Here’s a design very similar to the one mentioned just above. The Annie dresser has nine drawers plus a central storage module. Its design is fairly simple but also full of charm and character. It’s made from solid pinewood and a beautiful gray finish complemented by graphite-colored hardware for a rustic vibe and a gorgeous texture. The small cabinet space at the center is great for storing sweaters, towels and other larger things while the drawers come in different sizes for all your other storage needs.

7. Olney 6 Drawer Dresser

Designs such as that of the Olney dresser are perfect for bedrooms with a more traditional or mid-century modern type of design. This dresser is very elegant and has a refined and more formal look compared to a lot of the other models we’ve mentioned so far. It has six drawers in total but double the number of knobs and drawer pulls. The hardware adds a lot to the design, introducing a contrasting color and a different material. The handles also give the dresser a traditional feel.

8. Rhys 9 Drawer Double Dresser

This is the Taupe Rhys dresser, a beautiful piece of furniture well-suited for modern and contemporary interiors as well as other spaces. It’s made from solid pinewood and has a neutral gray wood finish which exposes the natural grain of the wood and gives the piece an authentic look. The base of this stylish double dresser is particularly interesting. It’s made of metal and has a rectangular and open design which adds a modern vibe to the overall design. The dresser has nine drawers, three of which are smaller than the others.

9. Lockett 6 Drawer Combo Dresser

Another gorgeous piece is the Lockett dresser which has a stylish distressed white finish for a vintage accent and lots of added charm. It’s a great storage piece for the bedroom, offering six drawers and two large storage cabinets for all your clothing and accessories. It’s made of solid pine wood and has brushed gold hardware with a very antique-inspired look. The doors have elegant detailing on them for a more prominent rustic-inspired design.

10. Calila 7 Drawer Dresser

The Calile dresser shares many similarities with some of the other pieces mentioned here today which helps to give it a classical look. At the same time, there are numerous particularities which makes this piece special. This is designed to be a timeless and low-maintenance piece of furniture. It’s made from solid pine wood and veneers and has a beautiful and refreshing coastal white finish. It can easily fit in any Nordic-style bedroom or modern interior. It has a very subtle distressed finish which gives it a lived-in look without giving it a strong rustic or farmhouse-inspired look.

11. Schaffer 4 Drawer Media Chest

This version of the Schaffer dresser has something that none of the other previous models do: an open storage area. There are two large drawers at the bottom and two small ones at the top, with an open shelf in between. This gives a nice balance and elevates the dresser plus the shelf is very handy for storing and displaying lots of different types of items or decorations. The design as a whole is elegant and casual, featuring a solid base and minimal details. The dresser is made from acacia wood and ruberwood and has a burnished brown finish with a rub-through finish for a rustic touch. The open shelf has cable cutouts at the back in case you want to use this as a media console for the bedroom.

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12. Huttonsville 3 Drawer Combo Dresser

If you prefer the more open design there’s also another nice dresser that you might like. The Huttonsvile is a combo dresser with three drawers, an open shelf and a cabinet section with interior shelves and a sliding barn door. It’s made of solid pine wood and it has a strong farmhouse character. The sliding door adds a lot of character to the design. It features antiques metal grill and galvanized metal handles. The open section has cutouts for cables at the back, making it possible to also use this as a media console for the bedroom or even for the living room.

13. Stafford 7 Drawer Double Dresser

The Stafford double dresser also has a farmhouse-inspired design, featuring a whitewashed finish and elegant crown moldings. The turned bun feet add a subtle traditional touch to the design. The dresser offers lots of storage space inside the seven deep drawers which can hold all types of clothing items, accessories, towels and other household items. It’s made of solid pinewood and it’s both very elegant and casual enough to make any bedroom feel inviting.

14. Seabrook 6 Drawer Combo Dresser

Wider and bigger dressers are great for large master suites and represent an elegant alternative to regular cabinets and closets. They’re not as prominent as other furniture pieces would be but it offers sufficient storage for everything you want to keep in the bedroom. The Seabrook dresser is a magnificent example. It’s made from a combination of solid pine and manufactured wood and it has block feet and traditional moldings which give it a lovely famrhouse allure. The six drawers have two different sizes and are complemented by two large cabinets for storing larger items.

15. Ridgecrest 9 Drawer Double Dresser

The design of the Ridgecrest double dresser is quite special. It doesn’t stand out much but as always it’s the little details that matter. There are nine drawers in total and the three ones at the center extend outwards more than the others, adding depth to the design and causing the wooden top to have an uneven shape. The dresser is made of solid poplar hardwood and elm veneers and features a two-tone treatment. It also has eight tapered bun feet for added character.



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