15 DIY Ikea Lack Table Makeovers You Can Try At Home

Our enthusiasm for DIY projects involving Ikea products led us to explore a bit more the versatility of the Ikea Lack Table. There’s actually a whole series entitled like that and it includes a TV unit, coffee table, side table and some wall shelves. Today we’ll only focus on the tables, trying to find ways to integrate them into ingenious projects.

Let’s start with a simple transformation. For this project you can use either a Lack or a Hemnes table which are both Ikea coffee tables. Get some wooden boards and cut them to size so you can make a tabletop. Stain them and measure the center of the table so you know where to place the first board. Clamp each end down and then add the others the same way. Glue and screw all the boards, turn the table upside down and put something heavy on the middle. Let it sit overnight, add more screws in the center of each board but on the underside so you don’t see them.{found on thecreativemom}.

This is a very similar project and a great way to give your plain coffee table a rustic look with a weathered gray wooden top. The design and finish go particularly well with the coastal décor but you can basically match this piece with all sorts of interiors.{found on centsationalgirl}.

The steps to create something like this are pretty simple. First, get a Lack Ikea coffee table and assemble it. Then get some wood and cut the boards to size. Stain them with your favorite color. Carefully measure the boards and place them on top of the table so they sit evenly. You can leave some gaps between them if you like the look. Then nail down the boards and that’s pretty much it.{found on weekenderwife}.

You can do the same type of project with Ikea Lack side tables. You can even have two of them to use as a pair. For one table you need one 3 ¼” wide board, four 4 9/16” wide boards and some nails or screws. Use the tables in the living room, as a desk for the kids or however else you want.{found on simplylkj}.

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Ikea Lack coffee tables are extremely versatile and they can even change function if you desire such a project. For example, you can turn such a table into a comfortable tufted ottoman. You might have to cut the legs a bit to make them shorter. Then use foam and fabric to make the cozy seat cushion and attach it to the table.{found on amusingmj}.

There’s more than one way to give this coffee table a new look. So how about adding some mid-century charm to the mix? For this project you only need to use the top of the Lack table. You also need to find some tapered legs to use with it. So basically install the legs and make sure they’re symmetrical and stable.{found on triplemaxtons}.

In case you have some extra wallpaper or if you simply like the look, an interesting idea is to cover the top of the coffee table with wallpaper and maybe even coordinate with your ceiling or accent wall. It’s a simple and inexpensive upgrade and a great way to rejuvenate an old table with water stains on it.{found on livingprettyblog}.

But enough with the coffee tables. Let’s also take a look at some projects involving the Lack side table. A very interesting idea is to cover the top of the table with pennies. For the project you need wood moulding, black paint, a picture frame mount, reinforced glass and around 621 pennies. It’s not a fast project but if you have time and patience, go for it.{found on ikeahackers}.

On the other hand, if you want something really simple and easy to make, try this project. You need a pair of Lack side tables and 16 brass corners. You can also do this for just one table. The whole idea is to tap the brass elements into the outside corners of the tables. This includes the tops and the legs.{found on littlegreennotebook}.

If you want, you can apply the same idea described earlier related to coffee tables to a Lack side table. We’re talking about a wallpapered top and here is an example featuring a similar look. The table top was covered with marbled paper and it looks really beautiful.{found on sketch42blog}.

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Or, instead of decorating the top you can give the edges a makeover. For example, cover them with patterned tape. You can pick any color, pattern and combination of colors you want in order to match the side table to other elements in the room such as the chairs for example.{found on twoinspiredesign}.

For a rustic or traditional look, you can use lattice. You might have to cut each piece to size with a saw so this will take a while. You can also stain the whole table to match the new top and bottom since you’ll also be adding a bottom shelf. And to make things even more interesting, add castors as well.{found on graceandjoygirl}.

Here’s how you can revive an old and ugly Lask side table. You need some rgay and white paint, foam brushes, dark wax and some wooden boards for the top. Start by painting the wood gray and then brush on the dark wax. Use wood glue to attach the boards to the top of the table(after you’ve painted it white).{found on lollyjane}.

Let’s move on to something a bit more glamorous. Here’s what you need for this project: upholstery nails, stain-proof fabric, spray adhesive, a soft mallet and, of course, the table. Cut out the fabric so it covers the top of the top. To do this, flip the table and trace the outline. Add the nailhead trim and then completely cover the back of the fabric with adhesive. Align the fabric with the corners and remove any air bubbles.{found on lovelyindeed}.

And if you want something even more fancy, take a look at this chic table with a top that lights up. For this project you need a Lack table, a sheet of custom cut frosted glass, LED Christmas lights, double-sided foam tape, electrical cable and some plugs and switches. Cut the table with a paper knife and insert the cable, lights and everything else. Then connect the wires, test the whole thing and tape down the wires. Then put foam tape over the glass and attach it to the table.{found on instructables}.



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