15 Delightfully Small Console Table Designs Honor History In Style

We’ve gotten used to things losing their functionality over time to become decorative elements in our homes but sometimes things are quite the opposite. Console tables, for example, started out as decorative furniture but they evolved to also be practical. The history of the console table is an unusual one in many ways. Today we’ve prepared a selection of small console table designs that show just how versatile and useful this piece of furniture has become.

The first console tables were attached to walls but the modern versions of today are usually freestanding pieces, like the Myx console you see here. The two supporting elements are embedded into the wooden top, being more visible inn the models that feature lighter colors.

The Aureola is a narrow console table with a top available in a selection of woods or marble and thin supporting legs available with a mat black, bronze, copper or gunmetal finish. It’s design is pretty close to that of the original console tables which had half-moon shaped tops.

The Revolution console table stays true to its history, featuring a design that’s meant to be aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching. The vintage silver base is made up of three half circles stacked to hold a polished black granite top. The options of polish or satin brass are also available.

A small console table such as the Ken may not look that impressive but its design is actually very well balanced and perfect in many different ways. The beech wood top is defined by a lot of imperfections which give the table a lot of character. There’s also that matching storage box on the shelf which highlights the table as a whole.

Some console tables meant to be as little intrusive as possible whereas others such as the one in the Band collection don’t really focus on this detail. This is a table that has a very slender figure. It features an elongated marble top and slick tapered legs with brass tips.

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It may look simple but this small console table is more interesting than it sets one see. It’s a table from the Giacometti series and in spite of its small dimensions it has a strong presence thanks to the materials used in its construction. The table has a frame made of forged steel with a top available in faux limestone or black glass.

This is Luna, a small and simple console table designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. It has a frame with a continuous form made of solid walnut and a top available in wood or corian, either with or without a smoothly carved out pocked.

There are two versions of the IXO console table. It’s actually the same frame in both cases but the part which sits on the floor differs. There’s one that’s tall and narrow and one that’s wide and low. The top is flush and simple in both cases.

Ziggy is a collection that includes coffee tables, consoles and side tables, all sharing in common designs that are simple, elegant and very chic. Their frames are made of canaletta walnut and they have this very beautiful fluidity in lines. The tops are available in wood or marble for all the tables in the series.

Sometimes less is more and this is definitely true for furniture. Nowadays we’re focused on minimalism and designs like that of the Asya console table are very appreciated for how they manage to stand out and to look exquisite without using any embellishments and accent details. It’s the form that impresses the most

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The Blush console table is designed by E Gallina for Porada and the most notable feature about it is the curved form of the solid ash frame. The frame seamlessly integrates a drawer positioned on its upper section. The marble top is an element that gives the table a somewhat robust and heavy look, despite the slender frame.

The Hold is another small console table defined by contrasts. On one hand there its base which is made of steel and has a very slender silhouette. On the other hand, the top is actually a box with built-in storage. It’s perfect for entryways and small enough to fit even on tiny hallways.

A lot of console tables, even the small ones, are multifunctional. Coseno, for example, can serve as a display surface for vases, planters and ornaments but it can also serve as a makeup vanity or dressing table. That means it can be successfully integrated into various settings, the most suitable of which would be the hallway, the bedroom and the dressing room.

Thanks to its sculptural and abstract design, the Holo console table can double as a decoration and can even become a focal point for spaces such as entryways or hallways. This small console table was designed by Kensaku Oshiro in 2017. It has a simple, rectangular top and a base with a carved out oval at its center.


Contemporary with Scandinavian influences…this is how we’d describe the design of the Gray 61 console table by Gervasoni. Its frame and top are both made of solid walnut. Six finish options are available, including natural, white, gray, lacquered black, air force blue and American walnut.



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