12 Dark Headboards For a Luxurious Bedroom

Bedroom furniture can be a great big decision when you’re starting from scratch. The wrong combination can make the space feel more like a conflict than a restful place. A lot of dark pieces will weigh down the look of the room that’s supposed to be the one stress-free space in your home.

Dark wood pattern headboard

Dark linen headboard

Dark gray velvet headboard

Dark blue headboard

A lot of light pieces and you might as well add patterned rose everything to finish the shabby chic look. But with one dark piece of furniture, you give your bedroom a focal point that makes your space feel modern and chic without the heavy feeling. Namely, the headboard. Since your bed is the obvious focal point in the room anyway, go ahead and choose an inky headboard that will make you feel like a design master. Here are 12 dark headboards to help you get your luxurious bedroom started.

Velvet is the obvious choice when splurging on a headboard because that texture will give your bedroom some serious chic vibes. Opt for a dark blue or green to make it pop and maybe even go the extra mile with an ornate curvy design. (via Anthropologie)

If you’re worried about finding a dark headboard to match your colorful bedroom walls, a dark stained wood is always an option. This geometric headboard will make your space feel quite exotic, like you’re vacationing in Morocco. (via West Elm)

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You might think that a black headboard is too heavy for your space, but this pick is still perfectly light to look at. The curved sides and lattice texture keep things airy while giving you that grounding color. (via CB2)

Of course, if you aren’t afraid of black, fall in love with this black tufted headboard. Being leather instead of velvet makes it a real eye catcher for any space, especially a bachelor’s den. (via Anthropologie)

Rustic wood is a great medium for basically any furniture but especially your bedroom headboard. It’s dark grains and rich texture are perfect for that farmhouse look you’re trying to achieve in your home. (via Crate and Barrel)

For the choosiest among us, you are allowed to swoon over this perfect headboard. It’s moody slate blue is dark enough to create a lovely bedroom focal point while staying true to your penchant for pastels. (via All Modern)

Not every headboard must be velvet. A linen weave in a dusky shade is a great way to keep the focus on the color and not the fabric. Especially when you have a bed full of textured throw pillows. (via Overstock)

Gray is such a wonderful color. No matter what shade you choose, it still feels soft and comforting. This particular headboard has a nice nailhead lining that will make it belong to even the most industrial of spaces. (via Crate and Barrel)

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There is something to be said for simplicity in furniture. By choosing a plain dark wood headboard, you easily add that grainy texture to all those other layers of texture in your bedding. (via Pottery Barn)

Can’t get enough of those safari style accent chairs? This black queen headboard will drive you to distraction. It belongs among your bright African patterns and greenhouse surfaces. (via Anthropologie)

Doesn’t this headboard look like just the kind of thing you’d want to lean back on with your book and your coffee on Saturday morning? It’s art deco style will continue to stay classy in your home no matter what other styles it revolves through. (via CB2)

When a bedroom is all about the patterns, even the furniture matters. So this wooden headboard with it’s brass inlay pattern will work it’s way into your heart and soon become a favorite in your home. (via Anthropologie)



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