11 Coffee Tables With Built-In Storage Space

The coffee table is a must-have for any living room. But in any living room there’s also a limited space you can work with and storage is always a problem. So why not take advantage of the fact that the coffee table is a must and to add some useful storage space to its design? These are coffee table design with built-in storage space and they are both good-looking and functional.

Loto coffee table.

This modern coffee table has a sleek and stylish design with a black and white finish. It’s called Loto and it was designed by Italian company Com.p.ar. it has an aluminum base with a bright white lacquer finish and a circular black tabletop that opens and reveals useful storage space for things such as magazines and other small items.


This is the Disc coffee table and it was designed by Gabriella Asztalos. It has a spherical design with multiple levels, each featuring storage compartments for magazines, books and small objects. Each level is mobile and this makes the table even more interesting.

High-end coffee.

This coffee table was designed by Bo Concept and it’s a highly functional piece of furniture. It offers storage space for books, magazines, CDs, for the remote control and maybe even for a jewelry box and many other things. All these spaces are hidden under the tabletop so they are great for hiding things or making sure they’re safe and secret.

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Sliding top and burner kit.

This apparently minimalist and compact coffee table also hides a complex design. It’s called the Matchbox coffee table and it was created by Schulte Design. It’s made of wood and has a sliding top that reveal practical and functional storage compartments. It also reveals a larger top available in stainless steel or colored glass.


This coffee table also has a compact design but the built-in storage is not hidden under the tabletop or anywhere else. It’s visible in plain sight and it’s quite spacious. You can store there books, magazines or you can use the space to display all sorts of decorations and items. It’s also modular and eco-friendly, made of recycled plastic, bamboo and sugarcane fiber.{found on site}.

Oak Whiskey Barrel.

Most often, it’s the modern and contemporary furniture that has built-in storage space and secret compartments. But it’s not always the case. This is a vintage coffee table made from an old whiskey barrel. It has a stainless steel base and the tabletop reveals a generous storage area.Available on site.

Modern living room.

Here’s another elegant coffee table that’s both beautiful and functional. It’s made of wood and has a dark finish and it would look wonderful in a modern or contemporary living room, even though a more traditional décor wouldn’t be out of limits either. It has integrated storage space, perfect for all sorts of things.{image from site}.

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Floor to ceiling window.

This coffee table has a similar look but it’s more sculptural in terms of design and structure. It has a square-shaped tabletop and the base has built-in storage space for books. It’s a mini-bookcase and it’s very functional. Also, its elegant and simple design makes it very versatile.{image by author}.


This coffee table is also made of wood but has a more traditional design. It feature an espresso finish and has a sturdy wood construction. It measures 50W x 28D x 20H inches and features a rectangular shape. It has an open shelf and 2 drawers for storage.Available for 414$.


This is a coffee table with a very interesting design. It’s made from a wooden pallet and it has casters on the bottom, making it mobile and increasing its versatility and functionality. It has an open shelf divided into compartments and a dark finish.


This coffee table is not just functional but it’s also eye-catching. It was created by Croatia-based designers Brigada and it has built-in storage spaces for magazines, newspapers and books. This space is actually an extension of the coffee table and its upper surface. The table has a black finish for the outer portions while the inner parts can be personalized.



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