10 Unique Pairings Of Materials Revolving Around Wood

Wood is an extremely versatile material and it can be successfully paired with basically any other material, the result always being perfectly balanced and harmonious. And each time, depending on the materials and textures used, the design and the style will differ. Let’s see what happens when wood meets the following materials:


Israel-based designer Hilla Shamia created this piece from a whole tree trunk. Molten aluminum is poured directly onto the wooden surface burning the exterior and giving the wood a unique and always different look.


Made with a reclaimed wood frame, this mirror is shaped by hand and no two pieces are alike. Glass and mango wood come together in a rugged and still sleek and stylish design. The combination of materials is not unexpected. In this case it’s the actual design that impresses.{fund on site}.


Handcrafted of cedar wood and steel, this bench has a minimalist design. A live edge slab of wood folds and meets a steel beam at the other end and each element gets to expose its natural beauty by contrasting with the other.Available for $3,500.


These nesting tables showcase the perfect combination between wood and lucite. The transparent exterior shell allows the interior to show its true beauty, not just the outer portion.

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The Bare Bones Ghost Chair is made of six worn out pieces of wood and an acrylic sheet. The result is a spectacular and transparent design with nothing to hide.


Very simple and with a straight-forward design, this dining table features a base made of two sheets of plexiglass and a beautiful live edge wooden top with a grey finish.

The same combination of materials in the same order can also be seen here: a coffee table with a walnut top and a plexi base designed to stand out but to also blend in with its minimalist look.{found on site}.


The unique imperfections of the wood are beautifully showcased in a collection by Jalmari Laihinen. The Broken collection is designed to enhance the natural properties of the wood. The pieces show splinters where the connecting parts have been broken.


Handcrafted and designed by Tao Concrete, this dining table combines wood and concrete in a marvelous and sleek way. The four legs and the live edge portion at the center are made of wood and two pieces of concrete connect the elements.Available for $3,750.

The same combination of materials was used for these outdoor benches. Simple and neat, they have a minimalist design and each of the two materials stands out by contrasting with the other.{found on gardentherapy}.

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What do you get when you combine wood with fire? Not much usually. Belgian designer Kaspar Hamacher, however, found a way to create beautiful furniture by stripping the bark from wooden logs and then burning away certain sections.


A dining table with a base made of metal pipes can be a nice addition to a home with an industrial interior design. It’s one of those designs that can be turned into a DIY project.

An industrial-style shelving unit features the same combination of materials. Pipes are used for the framework and reclaimed wood for the shelves.


A nautical-themed shelf hung on the wall using metal hooks and rope. It’s something that could look nice in the bathroom or anywhere in a beach house.{found on site}.

Wood, rope and steel were used to make this interesting-looking console table. It has an industrial design, modern lines and rustic charm. Something that could be used in a home office, entryway or as an island in the kitchen.Available for $459.

A lovely suspended shelf with rustic appeal made of walnut wood and manilla rope. It’s handmade and can be wall-mounted by the door on the entry hall, in the home office or anywhere you think it could look cute.Available for $57.



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