10 Unexpected Combinations Between Modern Chairs And Country Tables

Whether it’s intentional or not, old and new come together all the time in our home’s interior designs. The contrast is always strong and not easy to include in the décor. If you like the combination, try mixing modern chairs with an old table in your dining room. It’s a particularly nice look for this area of the house because it creates an inviting and comfortable ambiance.

The Panton chair revolutionized furniture design with its elegant and timeless look. The chair has a modern design and is made from a single sheet of plastic. We love the way the smooth curves complement the ornate wooden legs of the table. An eclectic look with classical beauty.

The combination between this simple table with a wooden top and the chrome and leather benches is perfect as the two complement each other wonderfully. Love the symmetry between the frames and simple lines of the benches and table.

The Ghost chairs are perfect if you wish to maintain transparency and spaciousness into a room. A small dining area can greatly benefit from these polycarbonate chairs and, in this particular case, they look beautiful in combination with this organic edge table.

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The Eames molded plastic chairs are very versatile and this makes them wonderful choices for the dining room. They have a sleek metal base and a simple but comfortable seat and, combined with a simple, rectangular wooden table they form a classical décor.

This vintage farm table is the perfect fit for these casual-looking Bertoia Side chairs. We love the fact that there are actually two types of chairs with similar designs. This makes the composition a little more interesting.

Old and new can come together in a variety of forms, like these French bistro chairs and this simple wooden table. The chairs are made of galvanized steel and have a rugged but still elegant look. They look great in this contemporary kitchen.

The Tobias chair, here with a clear seat, is an interesting choice for this retro dining table. The transparent seat of the chair actually allows the table to become the star of the décor while it remains there simply as an accessory.

The Iconic Panton Chair can be seen here in combination with a chocolate-stained wooden table. The white chairs contrast with both the table and the dark-stained floor and a very harmonious ambiance is created. Another example that proves these chairs can look great anywhere.

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by Cynthia Lynn Photography

Designed by Jason Lewis, this sculptural chair has a design similar to that of bistro chairs. It’s very comfortable, which makes it a perfect fit for the dining room table. Also, love the rustic table with the carved details on the legs and that built-in drawer.

by Holly Lepere

Here’s an unexpected combination, between this robust antique table and the modern Eames office chairs. A very interesting choice for this modern home office and a nice way to add a rustic touch to a sober-looking décor and to make the room feel a little more welcoming and classy.



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