10 Stylish Designs That Inspire Us To Use Benches More

If you’ve never gotten super excited at the prospect of adding a bench to your home, wait till you see these amazing designs. They all stand out, each in their own individual and interesting way and they really inspire us to think differently about some of the furniture pieces that we take for granted in our lives. These designs basically encourage us to try to find a use and a place for benches in our homes even if we’ve never considered it before. Let’s have a look.

The Yew Log is a unique bench with a very organic and eye-catching design. As the name suggests, it’s a sculpted Scottish yew log which means each individual piece has one-of-a-kind design particularities.

The log’s uneven shape is embraced and highlighted in a very stylish way by the black finish of the trunk which highlights the seat that has been finished with natural oils and wax. The thickest section of the log forms a slightly raised surface which gives the bench the overall height of 45 cm. The base features cast bronze horseshoe and wedge legs. 

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The Twig bench is another amazing piece of furniture with a very suggestive name. At first sight it looks like lots and lots of wooden twigs have been squeezed together tightly in the shape of a large cube. That’s actually quite close to the truth, although the design is more complex than that and a bit more abstract.

Given the overall simplicity of this design and the dimensions, this can be used either as a bench or as a table. It’s made from coppiced hazel and it’s a really cool and interesting accent piece which can be successfully incorporated into a variety of different spaces and environments. 

This is the Link Collection, a series of three interesting and elegant pieces of furniture which can be used separately as well as linked together to form custom arrangements based on the type of layout, the needs and requirements of the users. As individual pieces these can be used as a bench, a table and a stool.

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In all cases the design is simple and fairly abstract which makes it possible for these elements to become highly versatile. Simplicity is a signature for the collection and it’s expressed here in a way which allows it to be interpreted in a variety of different ways. 

The design of the Dawn bench is not as crazy or unexpected as some of the others but that has charm on its own. Once again the key here is simplicity. There’s also a sense of familiarity in this case given that this is based on a fairly classical bench design but with a twist.

The twist in this case consists of the two fur stripes which break the symmetry of the design and create a focal point. The bench is upholstered and thus extra comfortable and it comes in several different colors, in each case with two matching fur stripes. 

Versatility and diversity come in a different form in the case of the Kyro bench. This is actually a series of three distinct types of seats, each with a unique shape. They can be combined together to create a long, undulating bench, used individually as one-person seats or combined in sets of two to create all sorts of combinations.

Furthermore, they all come in a variety of different colors and with different types of upholstery and various different patterns. This increases the possible number of combinations even more. 

The Classic Bench looks very much like a sculpture, featuring this arching backrest which undulates like a ribbon and softly reaches down to the ground on both sides, serving as a base for the bench.

What’s also special about this piece is the fact that it’s made of concrete which is how this organic and smooth shape was able to be created. It’s a wonderfully stylish, elegant and sophisticated-looking bench suited for outdoor areas such as gardens, contemporary patios and various other types of spaces both public and private. 

Another lovely bench destined for outdoor use is the Titikaka bench designed by Naoto Fukasawa. It too has a very sinuous and organic shape but the materials used in this case are wood and metal. Its wavy shape and name are inspired by the beautiful waters of Lake Titicaca which runs between Bolivia and Perù.

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The soft and relaxing movement of the waves was captured in the design of this exquisite bench and can in turn infuse the area around it with elegance and beauty.

What’s interesting about the Romain bench is not necessarily the appearance but the multitude of uses that it can have. It’s similar to a very simplified and smaller version of a casual sofa thanks to the backrest but it can also be looked at in other ways as well. The frame made of solid ash is slender and elegant and the seat and back are upholstered and available in different fabrics, allowing you to easily find a look that suits your decor. The seat and the back can even be upholstered in different types of fabric increasing the versatility and customization options even more.

We can easily see this piece of furniture being seamlessly integrated into a variety of modern and contemporary interiors. However, it’s not a new creation. It was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe back in 1930 which just goes to show how timeless and versatile it really is.

Even today it looks perfectly at home in most spaces, not just residences but other areas as well. This iconic piece is called Barcelona and it’s interesting because it can be considered a day bed but also a type of bench in certain contexts. 

On the same note, the Traveller is also a very interesting and versatile piece of furniture that can function as a casual day bed as well as a bench in a multitude of spaces and design contexts. It’s comfortable and elegant but in a fairly casual manner. The frame features a trestle structure that adds character to the design.

The frame is made of black painted metal and it features two backrests with a saddle effect created using stretched leather. The seat is upholstered and comfortable and accompanied by two matching accent cushions. 



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