10 Original Coffee Tables

Coffee is an energizing drink which can make your day become more dynamic and keeps you awake for a long time.Having a cup of coffee with somebody is an excellent way of exchanging opinions, making a new friend getting some information from somebody or just enjoying a nice conversation.All these moments you can spend at home too especially if your living room has an excellent or an eye catching coffee table.Here you can see some inedited models of coffee tables.

1. Fiordaliso Coffee Table

Your living room will become more cheerful with this Fiordaliso Coffee Table. It has a flower shaped design.Its petals can be used as table surfaces and its centre as a bowl where you can put some fruits or may be some candies.

2. Magazine Coffee Table

Usually people read the newspaper or their favorite magazine while they enjoy a nice cup of coffee.Now you can have a coffee table made of the pages of six copies of a magazine designed by Vered Zaykovsky. They are woven together but there is not used any glue so that it can be disassembled easily.The glass top and the metal base make of it an elegant item.

3. Jet Coffee Table

Lorraine Brennan adds more dynamism to your living room with this Jet Coffee Table. It looks like a huge jet made of paper which reminds you of the games of your childhood when you used to make these paper jets.Maybe its design will make you imagine beautiful places where you would like to fly to.

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4. Kersplat Coffee Table by James Ian Killinger

Coffee is an energizing liquid and now you can combine it with a “liquid’ coffee table.It is a model called Kersplat Coffee Table designed by James Ian Killinger. Actually there are some “splatters tendrils” joined together made of poplar wood and painted in red and topped with a piece of glass.It is an eye catching model which it worth’s that you see it.

5. Planika Coffee Table Firepits

Fire is an element which creates a warm, romantic and special atmosphere.Planika Fires is a company which combines this atmosphere with the relaxing moments when you can enjoy your favorite drink.Now you have the opportunity to create a peaceful and pleasant décor using these types of coffee tables.

6. Serpent Coffee Table

In religious terms this reptile is seen as a tempting animal.Now you can tempt your guests with this Serpent Coffee table which takes the shape of a serpent. More than that it is an elegant coffee table made of Bubinga Wood, glass and plexus support base with an interesting design.

7. Aquarium Coffee Table

For those who love sea and its beauties here it is the Aquarium Coffee Table.It is a design that will add color and life to your living room.This aquarium Coffee Table is composed of acrylic slides, a removable tempered glass table top, a tank that sits on a black acrylic base with lights in the base and blue glass gravel with decorative plants.

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8. Volcano Coffee Table

Those who have a volcanic temper can associate their type of personality with a “volcanic” coffee table design.It will be a piece of furniture that will express your feelings and will bring nature closer to you at the same time.The Volcano Coffee Table, designed by the design house Chista looks more like a sculpture that can complete your natural décor for example.

9. Rotor Coffee Table

Usually dynamic persons love variety and active things.Here it is an idea for their home design which can get the same dynamic accent with this Rotor Coffee Table.It is composed of five slabs, three of which can rotate around a single stainless steel axis. Thus you will get different shapes which will create each time a new décor.

10. Tongue Coffee Table

The nonconformists and those who would like to shock their guests with an inedited piece of furniture here it is their chance.Louis Durot proposes them the Tongue Coffee Table. It is made of polyurethane and painted in blue.It is an eye catching model that definitely will amaze everybody.

Usually coffee tables are elegant pieces of furniture which will always complete a beautiful décor.It depends on your tastes and the atmosphere you would like to create in order to choose a certain model of coffee table.



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