10 Of The Coolest Coffee Tables Ever Designed

The coffee table is the centerpiece of our living room and, most often, it’s also the focal point of the room. So if most of the attention is inevitably directed in that point, at least make it interesting. By choosing an eye-catching coffee table you give character to the whole room. There are lots of cool coffee tables to choose from and we have selected 10 designs that we think would stand out in any home.

Dual Arcade Table.

The first one is an interactive piece of furniture. Called the Dual Arcade Table, this piece is both a coffee table and an arcade game. It was designed and produced by English company Surface Tension and it features a 19-inch LCD display protected by 6 mm toughened glass. The table also comes with 60 classic arcade games and two sets of controllers.

Tape Coffee Table.

This is a coffee table that was designed to add nostalgic charm to the living room. The table looks exactly like a cassette tape. It’s made of birch wood and has a vinyl label and two stainless steel cup holders with LED lights. Moreover, there’s also a series of custom options you can choose from in order to make the table better fit into your home.{found on site}.

Woodsman Axe Coffee table.

Sometimes a piece of furniture can be plain and simple but if it has even the smallest detail that catches your eye then it becomes interesting. It’s the case of this unusual coffee table. It was designed by Chris Duffy and is called the “Woodsman Axe Coffee table”. The table is part of a large collection created by several London designers and that includes pieces that are each based on a Brothers Grimm tale.

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Modern Disc Coffee Table.

This table also has an interactive design. It’s a piece made up of several separate discs. Each disc can fully rotate and this allows you to customize the final design as you wish. The discs can be mixed and matched in numerous ways. The table measures 37.4″W X 37.4″D X 15.7″H and has a white lacquer finish.Designed by Gabriella Asztalos.

Lucite Trunk.

This is a piece called the Lucite Trunk. It’s a table with a design inspired by a vintage trunk. It’s made entirely out of glass and it features polished chrome handles and accents. It’s a fully transparent piece that would add character to the living room without making it seem full or smaller. The table measures 36 inches in width by 16 inches in depth by 18 inches in height.Available for 3000$.

Coffee Table Aquarium.

Here’s another interesting design: a coffee table combined with an aquarium. It’s a piece made of acrylic and beveled glass. The base is an actual aquarium that measures 24 x 24 x 15-1/2 H. It has a square and transparent glass top that allows you to admire the ever-changing aquatic environment from all angles. It’s a very interesting and eye-catching piece but I’m not sure the fish love it as much as we do.Available for 1000$.

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Nintendo Controller Coffee Table.

And since we were discussing interactive coffee tables earlier, here’s another interesting one. It’s a Nintendo NES controller coffee table made from maple, mahogany and walnut. The most interesting part about it is that it’s actually functional and it can be used as a controller to play games. It features a retractable cord and a removable glass top. The table measures 42″ length x 18.25″ width x 18″ height.Available for 3,700$.
Foosball Coffee Table.

This is the Pinnacle Foosball Coffee-Table. It’s a coffee table but it’s also a foosball table, yet another interactive piece that would make a great conversation subject. The table’s elegant frame allows you to include in mostly any décor. It’s the perfect classical table but with a kick.Available for 360$.

Pallet Coffee Table.

All these interactive coffee table designs are great but a table doesn’t need to be that complex to be eye-catching or interesting. For example, this one is very simple but it’s also very intriguing. It’s a coffee table built from a repurposed wooden pallet. It was painted green and this gives a very nice touch.

Milk Crate Table.

The last design we’ve selected is quite similar to the pallet coffee table. It’s also a coffee table made from repurposed items. This time we’re talking about empty wooden crates. They were stained and nailed together to create a coffee table. The result is an eye-catching and functional piece with lots of built-in storage space.



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