10 Great Overhead Storage Ideas For The Garage

The garage, although small, is almost always treated as a storage area for basically everything that we don’t want to keep in the house. This is often associated with a rather chaotic and practically nonexistent storage system which ultimately results in a huge mess. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Give your garage a thorough cleaning and add some overhead storage and some shelves so you can finally be proud of this space. Check out some of our favorite overhead garage storage systems below.

How to choose an overhead garage storage system

There’s a few things to consider when choosing an overhead storage system for your garage. Some of the criteria to base your decision on are quite general and some are rather unique and specific to your own needs.


Not all garages have the same size or proportions and not everyone needs the same amount of storage. Typically, overhead storage systems measure somewhere between 4ft x 4ft and 4ft x 8ft. There are of course also some in-between options and you can always combine two or more storage systems if you feel like you need the extra space. Make sure you have plenty of room for everything that you want to store in here plus some extra because you’ll surely find other things to bring in here as well in the future.

Placement/ setup

Before you start checking out various products take some time to look around and check out your garage. Figure out how you want to organize it, all the elements that you want to add to it and decide where the overhead storage system will go. This way you’ll be able to take some measurements and you’ll know exactly what to look for in terms of size and shape.


Make sure that the chosen storage system will fit in the space that you’ve selected for it and that you’ll be able to install it and to secure it onto the ceiling. If you have wires or other things in the way that could become a problem and could mean you need to reconsider your choices. Consider letting a professional handle the installation if you’re not really sure how to do it yourself.

Storage capacity

Be sure to check the weight capacity of the storage system and to make sure it suits your needs. If you plan on storing lots of heavy items like various tools, equipment and so on you might need to look for a reinforced storage system. If you only want to store lightweight items there’s no point in investing in something super strong unless you want the system to be future-proof. On the same topic, make sure you also know how much weight your actual garage ceiling can hold.


It goes without saying that overhead garage storage system are not meant to be very easily accessible. They’re usually meant to hold various seasonal items or things that you very rarely use or need. Often you can use a ladder to reach the shelves and to access the items stored on them. If you want easier access to them you can consider a motorized storage system that can lift and lower the racks whenever needed.

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Regardless of the type of storage system you decide to get for your garage, consider that it’s meant to hold lots of items that you don’t use on a regular basis it would definitely be a good idea to use a labeling system. Label your boxes or add markers to the racks so you know where to look for an item when you need it.


Take full advantage of your overhead storage system and maximize its efficiency by adding various accessories to it. For example, you could use a particular set of hooks to hold tires in place and to store them side by side to save space. You can also add safety nets to hold smaller items, various utility hooks for sports equipment and tools, etc.

The type of overhead storage system

Not all overhead storage systems are the same and there are a few distinct types to consider. You can differentiate these types by where they’re meant to be installed. For example, some storage systems are designed to be placed over the garage door. Others are meant to go over the hood of your car or over the truck. There are also modular storage systems that come in multiple units.

7 Best overhead storage ideas for garage available right now
SafeRacks 4×8-2 Rack Package

The SafeRacks system can be installed on the garage ceiling and can hold a variety of big and small items of different types. There’s lots of space on the shelves for large boxes, seasonal items, sports gear and other such things. The hooks on the underside of the shelves can hold bikes and pretty much anything else that can be hanged. 

Racor – PHL-1R

In case your garage ceiling has an angle, the Racor storage system might be exactly what you need. It has these built-in nylon rings which allow it to adjust to any ceiling and to keep your items nice and level no matter what. You can raise or lower the shelf using a crank and secure it in place when done.

SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit

A combination of SafeRacks systems can be installed in the corner of the garage, saving space, making more room on the walls and the floor and also keeping all the items neatly packed and out of the way. If you want to you can extend your storage system with more ceiling-mounted racks. 

FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Another good option is the Fleximounts storage rack which has long brackets and keeps your items off the floor, out of the way and safe from water damage. Install as many racks as you need and leave your garage floor clean and tidy so you can actually have room for parking and moving around. 

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Motorized Garage Storage Hoist

Sure, overhead garage storage is very practical but lifting all those heavy items up there on the racks in the first place may not be something you can do. This motorized platform lift does all the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can easily control it with an app on your smartphone. Check out the lift on Amazon.

StoreYourBoard Double SUP & Surf Ceiling Storage Rack

Surfboards definitely take up a lot of space and they’re usually kept in the garage which can be an inconvenience. Get them out of the way with a ceiling-mounted surfboard storage rack. This one has heavy-duty construction and can hold multiple boards. Check it out on Amazon.

Arltb Bike Lift Hoist for Garage

You may have seen this type of bike rack before. It’s great because it lets you store your bike high up which is wonderful if your garage has a high ceiling and you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting yourself. It comes with a pulley system. Just attach the hooks to your bike, lift and then lock it in place. It’s all so easy thanks to the Arltb Bike Lift. 

DIY storage solutions

A lot of these overhead garage storage systems are fairly simple from a structural point of view which means if you wanted to you could build something yourself. A storage rack made of wood might do. Make sure it’s strong and sturdy so it can withstand all the weight you’ll be putting on it. Check out this tutorial on strongtie to find out all about this project.

Check out another great tutorial on how to build overhead garage storage shelves on instructables. You can hang the shelves at any height you want depending on how much storage space need and how high the ceiling is. The main material used here is wood and if you want to keep the cost of the project low you can use reclaimed boards or pallets.

When you’re building your own overhead garage racks and storage systems you get to decide exactly where and how you’re organizing everything. You can make the shelves in the exact shape and size that you need and you can arrange them however you think is best for your garage. For example, you could place them all around the edge, along the walls, leaving the center open and shelf-free. Check out instructables for more inspiration and ideas.



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