10 Extraordinary Designs That Blend Art With Function

There are cool and unique designs all around us and we’re constantly discovering them every day. With furniture pieces and accessories like the ones featured below any space would look extraordinary. These are ten of the coolest and most amazing designs out there right now and we’re very excited to share them with you today.

This is the Cone Invi vanity created by studio woodbasin. At first it might look like a stylish desk but then you realize it has a faucet and everything starts to make sense. The vanity is made of wood and is treated with natural oil which allows water to seamlessly flow on it without leaving marks. It has a little planter built into its surface at the top right corner.

The Proun Chair is a real work of art. It’s designed by Katia Tolstykh and it has a highly sculptural and abstract look. The frame is made of metal and the seat is soft and plushy. The entire chair features a single color which unifies all its components and the different materials and finishes on them.

The Spider in the Book Tree collection is something that architect Steffen Welsch has designed for his own children. It’s a series which was designed with kids in mind, with cutouts that make it easy for them to open the cabinets and drawers and with surfaces that seamlessly transition into something else, such as this cabinet which turns into a desk and the sculptural shelves that complement it.

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Designed by studio Pushe, the Subtle Happiness is a beautiful piece which brings together two very different elements: a table lamp and a vase. They complement each other wonderfully but you can use them independently if desired. Just remove the circular top section which is the lamp from the base which is the vase.

Benches are rarely interesting which makes the Bend that much more intriguing. this is a very special design created by Ricardo Garza Marcos, a flexible bench which bends when you sit on it. This is possible due to the Ahuehuete, a special cypress tree from Mexico with elastic properties and the 87 evenly spaced cuts into the seat.

The Aurora designed by studio Luum is a unique suspended lamp with an aluminum body that twists and turns giving the piece a dynamic and fluid form. It was created using 3D tube=bending technology and emits soft and pleasant LED light from silicon diffusers.

This is just one of the unique and amazing furniture pieces in the Steam Bent series created by artist Bae Se Hwa who managed to turn solid walnut into extraordinary pieces with unexpected silhouettes. The series includes benches, lounges, tables, chairs and desks, one more exquisite than the next.

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The Spritz pendant lamps created by designer Yuval Tzur feature very simple geometric shapes but stand out through their special textured finish which mimics the look of stucco on walls. This look was created using a mixture of acrylic and a combination of cement and glue and is quite nostalgic. .

The Jack o’Lantern collection designed by Lucie Koldova for Brokis consists of table lamps, wall lights and pendant lamps all defined by slender and minimalist metal frames holding luminous hand-blown glass spheres. The spheres resemble pearls and give each piece a unique and very glamorous allure.

The wonderful fluidity and elegant of the Florian Lounge Chair was made possible by using a singular mold in the production process which is both very unusual and very impressive. The chair is designed by Sjoerd Vroonland for Linteloo and can be paired with a matching ottoman that’s every bit as as exquisite.



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