10 Designs That Capture The Essence Of A Beautiful, Large Coffee Table

When picking a coffee table there’s more to think about than just the design. More often than not, it’s the size that matters the most. We don’t really think about that and a lot of times we don’t even realize that the dimensions of a particular coffee table are not suitable for the room it’s in. It makes sense for the table to match the scale of the sofa and of the room in general and that means a large living room needs a large coffee table. In that spirit, we’ve selected ten stylish design ideas for you to have a look at.

There are numerous different design options when it comes to large coffee tables. Depending on the layout of the room, the shape of the table can be square, rectangular, oval, round, hexagonal, etc. Apart from the shape and the proportions, other aspects to consider include the material from which the table is made, the finish and the color. These elements have to be sync in order for the design to be successful and suitable for the space. This table from Fendi is a great reference for all of the elements mentioned just now.

Elongated coffee tables make sense in living rooms with long sofas or sectionals. This is the iconic Elliptical Table designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1951. Its design is classic, simple and elegant. Given the design, it’s easy to see why it’s dubbed “the surfboard table”. Although it is a large coffee table, it doesn’t look big thanks to its slender metal base and the overall shape of the top.

The choice of material, finish and color is particularly important when dealing with a large coffee table. Naturally, the bigger the surface, the bigger the visual impact. Let’s say you opt for a solid wood table like this one designed by Emanuel Ungaro. The grain and the color of the wood would take center stage, revealing the material’s unique features and imprinting a warm and welcoming ambiance on the whole space.

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By comparison, a large coffee table made of stone would have a different effect on the room’s ambiance and decor, being more cold and heavy but necessarily robust. This is a marble coffee table from Exteta. Its design is simple and mimics the look of live edge wood which helps to balance out all those elements we mentioned so far.

In some cases a single coffee table of large proportions would not be very practical or at least not as practical as two separate tables of smaller dimensions. Take this casual-looking table from Exteta for example. It’s pretty big on its own and the design allows two or even more separate pieces to be aligned in order to form a large structure. In this particular setting, two tables perfectly match the dimensions of the sofa.

Some coffee tables actually come in pairs. The Cerne duo is a a great example. These two tables look great together, each complementing the other in every aspect. They’re made from thick slabs of wood and they capture the beauty of the concentric tings into their designs, highlighting the brown color of the tops with edges covered in brass.

Juniper is a very unusual coffee table, mostly because it puts together several contrasting forms, materials and finishes. The frame of the table is made of wood and divided into two separate elements joined at the top by a circular piece with a darker finish, partially hidden under one of the frame modules. Inside this unusually-shaped wooden frame there’s enough space for a round module covered in synthetic leather. The overall dimensions of the table are 1100 mm x 1100 mm x 410 mm.

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One of the issues with large coffee tables is the fact that they’re not as practical as the small ones and can’t be easily moved around or reorganized. The problem is solved by the Borghese table is a very clever and interesting way. Instead of a table with a single large top, this one has a three small ones. Its design is inspired by the umbrella pines. The base is made of steel and supports three solid wood tops. Several of these tables can be combined to create a larger composition.

This is the Joi table, a stylish piece of modern furniture which has its own way of standing out. The design, as you can see, is simple. What’s interesting is the choice of materials. The frame and the storage shelf are made of wood which is very common but the top is made of concrete, featuring a thin and slender constructions. This large coffee table is part of the Blend collection which also includes dining and side tables made from the same combination of materials.

Speaking of large coffee tables made of interesting materials, check out the Love me, Love me not collection designed by Michael Anastassiades. It includes designs made specifically to highlight the elegance and sophistication associated with marble which is the star of the series.



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