10 Corner Cabinets That Win at Storage

When a person says the words “gain more storage”, most likely their audience is going to listen more closely. Which is exactly what you’re about to do. Is your linen closet overflowing? Is your china cabinet stuffed to the max? Are you losing control of your cookbook collection? Oh what we would do for an extra cabinet to stash things away but most rooms can’t accommodate such a bulky piece of furniture. Or can they? Most likely, you have an extra corner that would be the perfect spot for a corner storage cabinet to help you gain more storage. Take a look at these 10 corner cabinets that win at storage to help you decide where you should put yours.

One of the most common places to find corner cabinets is in the dining rooms of old houses. If you can boast one of those beauties, try giving it a lift with a fresh coat of paint. In particular, an eye catching color that will show off your prized trinkets.

Kitchens often have corner cabinets that don’t use the space very well. Install a corner cabinet that takes up the entire corner, yes, even the counter space. You’ll find that suddenly your options for storage are limitless and your kitchen flows better.

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It doesn’t have to be a closed cabinet to add to your storage space. Go for a bookshelf style cabinet that will let you store your prettier pieces that you wouldn’t mind having on display. After all, you’re much more likely to use your Grandmother’s pitcher if you remember it’s there.

Maybe you’re looking for an in between option. The cabinet that holds everything in place but is still very open. In this case, you’ll want to find a corner cabinet that has glass sides. It’s a great way to add storage while keeping the eyeline open.

Having a butler’s pantry is a nice feature however not necessary for a home. But, if you have a free corner in some little cubby close to your kitchen, you might consider installing one. You’ll find that having a space that acts like storage and extended serving space at the same time can be invaluable.

You might be thinking “I want a regular pantry, let alone a butler’s pantry!” Corner cabinets can solve that problem too. Opt for a tall one instead of counter height cabinet and you’ll add plenty of storage space for all those pantry necessities.

Are you puzzling out how to add more storage to your office? Fill up those corners! With a cabinet bookshelf combo, you can store all the files and notebooks and information you need to in a classy space saving way. It doesn’t get better than that.

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Corner cabinets don’t need to be built in originals to make a statement. Thrift a piece that fits your space and make it seem like it has been there all along by anchoring it to the wall. You’ll be pleased with the rustic farmhouse look in the end.

Another great way to freshen up the built-in cabinets you have is by exchanging your hardware. Trade the chippy painted hinges and handles for shiny new ones that will bring your dining room up to date.

Have you ever thought about adding some more storage to your laundry room? No doubt it could use it! Fill that empty corner with a cabinet to store all your bottles and boxes and other laundry necessities.



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