10 Amazing Space-Saving Furniture Designs Perfect For Small Homes

It’s not easy to come up with the perfect interior design when there’s a small space to work with in the first place. But it’s possible to have everything you need without making compromises and without turning your home into a storage space. There are tons of great space-saving furniture designs to choose from and they can easily solve the problem.

Drop Leaf Table with 2 Round Stools

For example, take a look at this table. It’s perfect for a tiny dining room or, even better, for a spare corner in the kitchen. When not used, the table becomes tiny and it can it just about anywhere. It can be extended and it has two matching stools.Available for $128.

Vertical Wine Rack

Wine racks are not that popular and one of the reasons is because they take up valuable space. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This set of wine racks allows you to store a total of 24 wine bottles and it can easily fit on any wall.Available for $150.

Wall-mounted, drop-leaf semi-circular table

Not everyone has space for a home office so we improvise. This drop-leaf semi circular table makes things extremely easy. It becomes a great desk in just a second and you could also use it as a nightstand.Available for $49.

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Tray Top Storage Ottoman

This is another wonderful piece of furniture. It’s an ottoman which two interior storage space and flip-over lids which double as serving trays. With a piece like this, you don;t even need a coffee table.Available for $120.

Acrylic folding table

Folding chairs are always practical but wouldn’t you also like to have a folding table which you can take out and use only when you need it? How about this one? It’s simple, stylish and very practical. It has a modern design with some vintage charm.Available for $150.

Hanging Corner Storage

The corners of a room are usually areas which remain empty and this is not very practical. To take advantage of these spaces you can use corner storage. This is a modern design, simple and bold, not to mention very functional.Available for $25.

Corner cutting board

In the kitchen, there’s usually never enough space. So be clever and opt for things like this space-saving cutting board. It can mounted on any corner of a standard kitchen counter, it locks into place and it also has a beautiful design.Available for $99.

Wall-Mounted Fold-Down Desk

If you don’t have enough room for a home office or for a work station, there’s always the option of having a fold-down desk like this one. When not needed, it looks like a tiny wall-mounted cabinet. It unfolds and reveals a desk and even lots of storage.Available for $199.

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Space-saving computer desk

Speaking of space-saving desks, here’s another clever design. It’s basically a set of two independent desks which fit one inside the other just like two nesting tables. It has a contemporary design and it’s very practical.Available on $749.

Clear nesting tables

Why have just one side table when you can have three without needing extra space? This is a set of three nesting tables featuring a clear, transparent design and which give the room an edgy and modern look. Use them separately, scatter them across the room and store them together when you’re done.Available for $199.



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