74 Best Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas for 2021

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Tired from the hustle of the big city, there are many people that want to create a peaceful home that distant them from the outer environment and makes them feel like living in the countryside.

Most of the time these homes incorporate features and accents of the farmhouse style which let them enjoy a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. This decor trend has its own specifics that make it so appealing.


The easiest way to bring the farmhouse aesthetic into your home is to cover the blank walls with unique decorations that will turn your space into a farmhouse reality. Take a look at the ideas we have prepared for you that will complete the decor of every room in your home.

Ready to get inspired?

All the Animals in the Barn

This set of farmhouse animal images adds a cute and fun vibe to the interior. The silhouettes are stenciled on pieces from window panels. Their names are written in French to give them a unique look.

The two window shutters or both sides both anchor the animal wall art but also create scenery as if you are looking at a window from which the farm can be observed.

Antique Wreath Wooden Window Frame

This frame can be made in several colors and sizes to fit the existing interior of its future owners.

It is made of wood lathes assembled to create a small window frame. In its center, there is a boxwood wreath to add a natural element to the wall art.

Authentic Antique Outdoor Advertising Billboard

Add a large farmhouse sign to transform your dining room into a unique personalized space.

The sign may be authentic or newly made but with specific aging techniques that will make it look aged. Its weathered look complements the sitting area design- repurposed, distressed, antique.

Burlap Wreath and Chickenwire Keepsake Frames

This wreath has been chosen to be the focal point of a master bedroom decor where the farmhouse style has a special contribution to making it so welcoming and relaxing. The greenery is replaced with burlap ribbon. In its center, a small chalkboard sign says what this private room means to the owners.

On both sides of it, there are frames displaying wedding reception cards giving advice on which the keys to a happy marriage are. The chicken wire is the perfect background to attach the cards easily together with the symbolic keys.

via All Projects Great and Small

Central Avenue Meets Middle of Nowhere

A collection of various types of farmhouse elements is displayed on the staircase wall to create a magical ancient setting where a person can relax and dream away.

The bench sitting on the floor offers four soft pillows wrapped in linen fabric. The neutral colors are interrupted from time to time by dark brown or black colors to emphasize wording or accents.

via Shelterness

Chicken Wire Framed Family Monogram

An easy way to make a place look homely is to use the family’s initial letter as wall art in the entryway or on the front porch. This design is handmade and includes a chickenwire background that holds a big three-dimensional galvanized metal letter.

A reclaimed frame holds these together and allows hanging on the wall. Looking at the finished art, it adds a lot of rustic farmhouse feel with a personalized touch.

Choose Happy and Love You More

This entryway decor greets the family members with meaningful and precious thoughts which make every day more cheerful and valuable. That is achieved with a small weathered bench on which a pillow with a heart-patterned fabric takes a central place.

The black and white combo continues to the wall where we can see two farmhouse signs. Around them, there are planters and wreaths that add the natural element and colors to the neutral setting.

via Shelterness

Church Bench, Barrel Clock and Wicker Basket

Looking at this nook, there isn’t a piece that ain’t with a farmhouse impact. Starting with the small countryside rug, continuing with the old bench with a weathered look decorated with pillows and a throw with typical rustic fabric patterns and textures.

The wall displays a large clock made of a barrel bottom. The metal wire basket and the wicker one are typical representatives of the cottage storage containers. The added flowers make a perfect addition to the arrangement to make it look more alive and fit it into the contemporary world.

A Coffee Shop in Your Kitchen

Do you love the smell of freshly baked bread? This reminds you of the mornings in the cottage house with your grandparents, doesn’t it? Add a bakery sign to your kitchen to keep this memory alive. Plus, it will give space a personal touch that will make the room feel cozy and welcoming.

This sign can be easily made with a piece of reclaimed wood painted white with chalk paint. The letters can be inscribed with stencils.

Cool Country Barn Wood Chevron Design

Wall art with a chevron pattern fits well in any type of interior decor. This one shapes three arrows which symbolize in a way our connection the ancient times. Wood adds quite a bit of warmth to this symbol, especially if it is sourced from an old piece of furniture.

In case you don’t have any reclaimed wood but you love the authentic look, try achieving it with different hues of stain.

via Little Brick House

Customized Wooden Farmhouse Sign Decor

This sing is simple and explicit- let the farmhouse be! A basket becomes the backdrop for the wooden sign leaving space also for green twigs to peek out symmetrically on both sides.

This wall art can be hung in every room which is missing a character.

Cute Velveteen Rabbit Quote Sign

This wall art features a paragraph from the book “The Velveteen Rabbit”. This makes the sign unique and suitable for decoration in a kid’s bedroom or playroom.

Adding it to the decor of the shared living space will add this cute childish motif that will brighten up the ambiance and will remind the adults of sweet childhood memories.

Dimensional Barn Wood HOME Accent

This plaque aims to enhance the homely atmosphere of a dining room. It is placed right above a dresser on which specific items from the dining table are displayed.

Turned into a whimsical side table, this nook attracts attention and prepares you for the pleasant moments in this home.

Distressed 3D Cutout Gather Plank

This plaque could be a great addition to a farmhouse-decorated dining room. It appeals for gathering in a simply charming way. The laser-cut letters in a hand-written font are attached to white distressed wood.

Two olive branches fill the empty parts at the bottom and at the top to make the word feel completed and give the sign a pop of color.

Double-Sided Rustic Found Wood Decor

This is a great DIY idea for multifunctional wall art. The set of three frames can be flipped over and display either a holiday-themed decor or such that can stay all year long.

The inside of the frames is stained dark to let the painted words stand out and be easily noticed even when they are displayed against a neutral wall.

via My Love 2 Create

Fall Bounty Pumpkin and Pinecone Assemblage

Using pumpkins in the farmhouse decor quickly changes it from universal to seasonal. This natural motif wouldn’t have looked so interesting if it wasn’t for the antique dresser and existing accents. The bottom level is occupied with two baskets made of wood and wire.

The top displays copper milk can repurposed into a vase, a slice of wood serves as a tray for two large glass bottles wrapped in a net. The most impressive piece of this entryway decor is the unique vintage clock. Looking like a windmill, it is attached to a plaque with a mosaic slab effect.

Farm Ranch Style Decorative Signs

These signs will look great displayed in the kitchen or on the porch. They are weathered not only when it comes to the distressed surface finish but also to the integrity of the wood.

The edges are sanded off to create an aged effect. The images are simple, silhouettes of typical farmhouse animals. The letters show the products they produce.

Farm White Ceramics and Upcycled Drawer Shelves

An easy way to enhance the farmhouse feeling indoors is to repurpose vintage tableware, pieces of antique furniture, galvanized containers in your decor. This shows an arrangement between a window frame turned into a welcome sign complemented by shelves that once have been drawers.

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They display three antique items in white that have been arranged in a descending height. To let the drawers feel like a shelving unit and enhance the ancient value of this wall decor, vintage wrought iron corbels support them on both sides.

Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas for Bathrooms

This DIY sign is a cute and fun way to add the farmhouse spirit to the bathroom. The wood surface is painted and then distressed to achieve the weathered stains.

The metal letters have been bought from a craft store so all you need to do with them is to attach them to the prepared wood surface.

via Cherished Bliss

Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas with Barn Doors

The entryway should be cozy and inviting as it creates the first impressions when it comes to the internal part of a home. This is why the farmhouse decor is the most common style used for this space.

Add a bench to ensure sitting places, storage containers like wicker baskets or galvanized metal cases. The leaned ladder can become a rack for coats or blankets if you want to state how welcoming your home is.

A barn wood door becomes the background of the entryway to create a homely warmth. Hanging a wreath on it will save an element from the original purpose of the door.

via Shelterness

Figural Windmill HOME Wall Art

The “O” of this initial wall art is represented by a windmill fan- a symbol related to countryside living.

This sign can be aligned in different patterns depending on the size of the empty wall. In this case, it is placed on a small wall next to the staircase to add a homely accent to this otherwise transitional part of the house.

Floor to Ceiling Farmhouse Window Frames

This staircase wall decor features a farmhouse window collage on a budget. You can use various window designs but to get a tied-up look, make sure that the frames are of the same finish.

To enhance the rustic look, leave the wood weathered or give it some distressing on random areas.

A Fresh New Way to Style Succulents

This galvanized cylinder is turned into a vase for fresh or artificial flower cuts. To create a point of interest it is hung on a wrought iron hook. The wooden stand gives the hook support and also an earthy background for the metal to stand out.

Such a unique farmhouse vase will easily find its place as it succeeds in adding warmth and aesthetic to the ambiance.

Fun Signs and Photo Canvases

Make the farmhouse decor more personalized by adding family photos to it. This idea features lovely memories imprinted on canvas. They are placed on both walls of a relaxing nook and combined with farmhouse signs with personalized meaning.

Fun Variety Kitchen Wall Decor Signs

This set of frames will brighten up the kitchen in a unique way. Each frame shows a personal statement related to the kitchen. To let the frames match together and create a collage, their color combo repeats.

Black and white alternate to let every piece of the design stand out.

Fun “Wash Your Hands” Bathroom Sign

This cute sign will cheer your guests but will also remind them that hygiene is of first importance. It is hung on the wall above the toilet where it will be seen and will match with the farmhouse decor of the nook.

A wire basket in black has been chosen as a storage place for additional toilet paper rolls. It is placed right onto the toilet tank- an easy and quick idea.

Above it, there is a wooden shelf displaying an antique wrought iron element and a small wicker basket with flowers. They give the space a special treatment as any other part of the house receives.

Funny Food Pun Wall Displays

Are you looking for charming wall decor for your kitchen? These frames are funny and unique in a childish way.

Each shows the image of a garden production. Below the colorful image, there is a sentence that plays with the word of the production. For greater effect, place the images next to each other to create a funny farmhouse collage.

Gather for Tea Knickknack Shelf

In case you don’t have a wide empty wall to display a large “gather” wall art, you can do it with its smaller version which also has a practical feature.

The sign is cut from wood and hung on a wood panel. Above it, a small shelf accommodates and shows off a porcelain tea set.

via Hobby Lobby

Gather with Galvanized Steel Planters

Such rustic decor is the perfect solution for a dining room that gathers all the family together. The sign is clear and simple and is positioned on the wall in a way to become a focal point that sends an important message.

At each side, it is framed with galvanized steel planters that make the space more homely.

via Brittany York

Gathering Basket Mirrors and Sewing Cabinet Shelves

The creativeness of these homeowners has formed a set of wall decorations that give the space a unique look. A windmill fan and a rattan basket frame a rustic shelf which complements a welcome sign.

The basket is used as a background for three round mirrors with ancient mosaic patterns. They reflect the natural light from the opposite window and create a feeling for a larger and airier room.

Gothic Window Inspired Architectural Silhouettes

These arch-shaped windows have been once designed to let a huge amount of natural sunlight come in.

Bringing them indoors and turning them into part of the interior will add the light motif and will give a rustic casual feel. Such a window arrangement deserves a large blank wall where these can be well displayed and appreciated.

Hanging Rustic Wooden Bedroom Sign

This sign can be purchased on Etsy if you are looking for quick farmhouse addition to your bedroom. If you are inspired to make it yourself, prepare stencils for the letters, making sure that the fonts vary to let the words stand out on their own.

The background should be white to provide neutral contrast for the meaningful statement. Frame with wood lathes in a dark stain that will give the sign the rustic look.

Heart-Shaped Pallet Wood Family Art

The family has a special place in the heart and this is something that deserves a clear visible statement. Made of wood lathes of various widths, the heart-shaped plaque provides an aged grey background for a laser cut word to stand out.

This rustic sign will make an entrance more welcoming or a farmhouse nook in the living room more personalized.

Home Is Where the Wreath Is

Nothing marks a house home like the simple initial sign. This one is positioned vertically on a small wall and is featured by brass large letters.

The “O” letter is formed by a green boxwood wreath to give the sign a point of interest and enhance the homely feel the sign adds to space.

Home Sweet Home Hanging Scroll

This simple but classic phrase is presented on a unique background. We are used to seeing it on wooden signs but maybe it is the first time we see it on a paper scroll.

Of course, there is more than just choosing this texture for being different. The scroll is meant to enhance the importance of home, a value people have since ancient times.

Home Sweet Home with Displaced Door

Repurposing a door into an indoor decor piece has a gorgeous farmhouse effect, especially if its design is vintage.

The door motif is related to home so adding it to your interior will surely enhance the homely look of the space. Add a wreath and wall vases to blend the door with the interior.

via Sarah Joy Blog

How to Decorate with Spring Wreaths

Add a shade of green to your farmhouse spring decor to emphasize the connection with nature. That can be a wreath form decorated with moss, boxwood twigs, green vines.

Add it to the mantle or the dining room wall. Combine with other farmhouse decors that will set a rustic background for it to stand out. In this example, the white candles and the white rabbit provide contrast to the dark wood top of the mantle and the barn wood shutters on the wall.

via Love Grows Wild

In Letters 3 Feet High

This sign is meant to greet all guests and make them feel welcome. The chalkboard background allows changing the inscribed from time to time.

Making this sign universal, it can be displaced to different rooms depending on the inscription.

Inspirational and Motivational Wall Art

This large sign inspires with its simple design and meaningful statement that will spread positivism all the time. The background and the frame are colored in neutral shades on purpose.

They provide good contrast for the statement to stand out.

Jumbo Clothespin Towel Storage Holder

Be creative and get inspired by the design of the wooden clothespins to create your unique bathroom towel rack. You can find these jumbo-sized holders in Etsy and get as many as you may need to store your towels properly.

They create a unique farmhouse feeling combined with functionality.

Laidback Farmhouse Look with Mahogany Furniture

If you are having an arch or a transitional wall in the dining room, you can decorate it with a customized sign that will invite family and guests for gathering and will add a farmhouse feel to the space.

The rustic chandelier placed in front of this sign not only illuminates the table but also lets the sign be more visible.

Large Painted Wooden HOME Letters

Placed on a wide bright wall in the entryway, these large letters easily make everyone feel so welcome. The “O” is made with a boxwood wreath which gives the sign a pop of natural green color.

The light symbol is represented by two identical lanterns that are typical farmhouse light fixtures. The farmhouse continues below with a weathered table possessing antique vases and a painting of the countryside landscape.

Make Yourself at Home Sign

This sign features a traditional but very welcoming quote that will make all of your guests feel at home. Although we always say it, it is also nice to feel it and this sign does that.

Being handmade and customizable, the wooden frame can be in various colors to match the existing interior.

Mix and Match Sign Medley

Adding a farmhouse sign to a blank wall is an easy way to give your home more character and personalization.

Adding a collection of signs will have a greater impact, especially if they are of different sizes and shapes but of the same style. This example combines meaningful statements with fun countryside cliches.

via Coles Wifey

Mod Wood Accent Table with Oversized Quote

This large wall sign chooses to expose a meaningful thought about the importance of the current day and the choices we make. Placed on a wall of a transitional area in this home, it will be seen quite often to remind the inspiring thought.

The neutral colors chosen for its design let it blend with the interior and become a universal wall decoration.

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via Pillow Thought

Modern Farmhouse Floating Shelves Storage

Do you need a bathroom organizer or space where you can add decoration to make it feel more relaxing and welcoming?

This handmade shelf unit combines the design of the floating shelves and the ladder pattern in one to create a modern farmhouse organizer. The thick rope at the top ensures a strong hold of the unit.

The levels can be used for storage of cotton buds, towels, bath essentials or simply for rustic elements like ceramic flower pots with succulents.

Modernist Cabin Faux Deer Mount

An idea for a farmhouse wall decor that is suitable for the bedroom features a plaque with the size of the headboard made of barn wood.

Because of the predominantly appearing dark colors of the wood furniture, the wood of the sign has also been stained dark. In the center, there is a white clay figure of a deer making an outstanding contrast with the wood.

This type of wall decor reminds of a wood cabin interior so every person that has a deep connection with the forests will enjoy bringing it closer to their everyday life.

via Stencil Stories

Painted Mason Jar Wall Sconce

We saw wall scones used as lanterns, these are intended to serve as vertical vases for a universal farmhouse decor accent.

The Mason jars are painted white and the protruding edges are slightly sanded off to give them the weathered look. Cotton twigs are chosen to fill the glass containers and to add the rural feeling for the airy fields to the city.

Personalized Cutout Mason Jar Sign

Looking for a unique farmhouse wall decor? The silhouette of this Mason jar provides plenty of space to add your personal details in a fun way.

The design has the rustic look because of the whitewashing finish technique.

Petite “hello” Wooden Shiplap Sign

This small sign could actually make a tremendous change. Its design incorporates symbols of the farmhouse decor in a bold way. The script is in black to match well with the olive leaves that outline the word.

The background imitates shiplap in a very realistic way to bring out a homely interior feature. This sign can be added to any wall where there is a farmhouse decor which is lacking a point of interest.

Pretty Battery-Powered Floral Fairy Lamps

Add a gentle glow source to your walls in the shape of a typical countryside light fixture. This is the lantern that nowadays can be made of various materials, including repurposed ones. These Mason jar lanterns are filled with battery-operated string lights.

The added flowers peeking out the jar necks give the lanterns additional decorative function. Attached to a rustic corbel rack, each lantern looks so unique that you would be loving to enjoy the day and night.

Pretty Paper Peony Frame Arrangement

These flower garlands can turn a blank wall into a charming focal point. The peonies are made of felt and attached to a faux green vine.

Woven around a wooden antique frame, the new wall art becomes perfect for bedroom decor that needs a gentle touch.

via Pretty DIY Home

Raw Cotton, Lavender and Gingham Bouquet

This plaque is an elegant representation of a farmhouse wall art. It is simple, incorporates natural elements and gives the atmosphere a piece of the old times. The bouquet is a mixture of cotton and lavender. Their colors and shapes match gorgeously together.

Tied with a large ribbon on the bottom, the bouquet is very charming and authentic. Placed on a wooden board, the floral arrangement is given a decor value which will make the space more welcoming.

Relax Unwind Refresh Cool Signs

These signs are meant to show the directions to different zones of the house.

Placed outside on the porch wall, they have a lovely weathered look achieved with whitewashing technique with grey paint.

Repurposed Window Shutter Statement Wall

Looking for a bold farmhouse wall decor? Then do it by planking an entire wall with shutters! They are damaged, the paint is worn, a great combination ending in a unique rustic look.

The added wreath serves as a gentle decor accent left in the same colors as the wall behind it on purpose, in order not to draw away the attention from the unique shutter wall.

via Harbour Breeze Home

Retro Metal Diner Style EAT Art

This fun decor is intended for a blank wall of the kitchen or of the dining room. The metal letters are large to be the central piece of the arrangement and be the leading part of it.

A fork and a spoon position below the letters continue the “eating” theme. The three signs next to the tableware add a homely feeling to this space in the farmhouse spirit.

Roman Numeral Punched Tin Windmill Clock

The windmill symbol appears once again to create unique wall art that can actually function. Not in its original application but as a clock.

The blades are perforated with Roman numbers that will show the exact hour. The clock is placed on a wall above a small dresser with a distressed look. It accommodates relic books and three antique farmhouse bottles that complete the nook.

A Rustic Bathroom with Modern Amenities

If your modern farmhouse bathroom is missing the welcoming vibe, add an initial wall art that will quickly change its atmosphere. This example is simple and easy to be made.

You can use reclaimed wood to shape them or get metal letters from a craft shop and only attach them to the wall.

Rustic Family Names Wall Crossword Puzzle

This farmhouse wall decor has been given a playful vibe inspired by the Scrabble game. The letter blocks form the names of the family members.

The crossword is surrounded by other family-themed accents like the framed family initial, the round plaque with a gentle inscription, the large canvas wall art with an imprinted photograph and a chalkboard sign proving that family is everything.

via Start at Home Decor

Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Sconces

These scones can be easily made by anyone looking for functional farmhouse home decor. For that you need two identical wood beams, two dowels to serve as hooks, two Mason jars, two strings of fairy lights and a bouquet of faux flowers per your taste.

Assembling the scones is easy. The jar lanterns are hung to the hooks with twine loops left loose from the neck embellishment.

Rustic Large Window Pane Mirror

This unique window mirror will make a narrow space feel larger and will create a welcoming setting for dining. Barn wood is used for the frames.

The shutters are also made of the same reclaimed barn wood and create an illusion for a realistic window.

Say Welcome with Fresh Flowers

This cute planter idea offers you a place to put fresh or artificial flowers and a sign that will greet your guests welcome. To distinguish both elements from this wall art, they are in contrasting colors.

The usage of white on the inscription matches them together. The best place for this planter is next to a door where the welcoming factor is important.

Shabby Chic Rustic Kitchen Decor

A farmhouse kitchen will embrace this set of a sign and flatware. The metal letters are positioned vertically to create a point of interest and to match the height of the fork and the spoon hung next to them.

The cast iron flatware is painted red to also stand out as an accent.

Stunning Oversized Customized Rustic Clock

A large wooden clock can be the only farmhouse wall decor if you prefer less but bolder statements. It is made with pine wood slats that smooth the otherwise striking large black Roman numbers.

Taking a closer look, you would recognize the personal impact on this clock represented by a hand-written date of the family’s establishment.

Three Hanging Wildflower Filled Ball Jars

Wildflowers are related to the farmhouse style and living so including them in your interior will enhance the vintage feel that you want.

These are sold but can be easily made if you have three Mason jars on hand, as well as hooks, wooden boards and faux wildflowers.

A Trio of Shabby Chic Mirrors

If your room lacks space and light, use mirrors to make it visually larger and airier. This triple shabby chic wall decor arrangement adds both elegance and an antique look to the living room. Positioned on the wall above the sofa, it is certain that the set will be an important piece of the interior.

The wood frames are given a white-wash coat to blend with the neutral light color palette and to appear as aged mirrors. A green wreath is hung over the central mirror to add a pop of color.

Washing Board Backed Wire Organizers

Wire organizers are a great and affordable storage solution that adds a farmhouse vibe.

They are great as fruit and vegetable organizers, as shelves for decoration, for mail organization and so on. They can be attached directly to the wall or added to a wooden board for an additional vintage look.

via Sarah Joy Blog

Weathervane, Buckets, Pillows and Washtubs

Repurposing washtubs and galvanized buckets into home decor has a tremendous farmhouse effect.

Placed in the entryway or in the living room, they can hold pillows, throws and other items that make a connection with the feelings of coziness and warmth.

The buckets can be placed on a rack or on a dresser to hold fresh flowers, cotton twigs, faux bouquets.

Welcome to Our Beautiful Chaos Display

This chalkboard sign adds another layer to the wall art to become its focus. It describes the family and welcomes its guests to its core.

The meaningful statement is surrounded by a gentle nature-inspired wreath with cotton buds. It decorates an arch window with a distressed finish which sets the neutral background for all elements to stand out and at the same time feel united.

White Porcelain and Wire Country Christmas Display

The existing countryside wall decor is represented by a wire rack possessing porcelain and metal tableware. All plates, dishes and cups have a unique retro look which has been maintained undamaged throughout the years.

The rack is used as a universal farmhouse wall decor while the additions to it, like signs and accents, make it the perfect background for seasonal and holiday decor.

via Farmhouse Wares

Wooden Cathedral Style Farmhouse Window Frame

This sign is made to replicate a cathedral window. Being of a smaller size, it can be hung on any wall to add an authentic religious vibe to space.

The wreath is made of faux eucalyptus leaves to fit in the central frame and give the decorative a farmhouse charm.

Wrought Iron Piecemeal Prairie Wall Decorations

Wrought iron is a material that can be seen in the cottages and in the farm. Using it in a contemporary home creates a straight connection with this rural world and makes the atmosphere warmer.

This wrought iron piece has been used as a central line to suspend photos in a vertical direction. In between them, a wreath made of wheat ears adds the sun motif inside.



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