50 Amazing Rustic Entryway Decorating Ideas

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Looking for a way to uplift or transform your entryway? Nothing speaks better about a home than its welcoming and organized entryway. It is the bridge between the outdoors and the indoors and so it is a vital part of the entity.

The entryway creates the first impressions about the interior and the vibe of a home. And how can you ensure that it is well organized, airy and attractive at the same time? We have the formula and that is decorating it in rustic style!

The rustic decor will bring style, comfort and uniqueness to that part of your home. Its neutral shades are perfect for the usually small footage of this room, the materials related to it are sturdy so they will bear the traffic going through it and last but not least, the designs and combinations of accents inspired by nature will create a welcoming atmosphere with a personal touch.

We are here to help you with ideas of how to incorporate the rustic style into the entryway.

A Bright Rug Adds Interest

Neutral walls and airiness in the entryway? These two give you unlimited options to decorate. And if you want to make a bold statement, do it with a unique carpet.

This colorful floral splash on the floor makes a big statement. The combination of turquoise, red and yellow matches other accents of the entryway to give it a finished and captivating look, preparing you for a unique continuation.

A Simple and Single Stool Welcomes You

If you don’t have a budget to spend on transforming your entryway, you can do it only with a few changes. Add a green plant, a rustic coat rack, a simple stool and a sign. These two pieces of furniture will satisfy the basic needs while in the entryway.

The tall fig tree next to the stool creates an outdoor scene that adds a natural vital vibe indoors.

Add Fresh Flowers in Rustic Containers

Another idea that adds an authentic rustic vibe without taking much or even any of your budget is repurposing metal or galvanized containers into vases. The weathered they are, the better. The signs of age will make the place feel more homely and unique.

Place containers like watering cans, buckets, tubes etc. can be used to showcase artificial or real floral arrangements. Compliment the natural addition with other antiques like wooden frames with interesting wall art, wooden drawers stacked to store precious book collection.

Add Storage Space with Wire Baskets

Increase the storage space of the entryway in the rustic style. The coat rack has been upgraded to a storage unit but instead of limiting the airy feeling of the space with closed cabinets, the shelves accommodate wire baskets which show what is possessed by them.

Of course, that means that organization must be neat and tidy but see what a great point of interest they create. Especially combined with the large S-initial made of steel, the presence of the farmhouse gives the entryway warmth and casualty that welcomes the guests in.

via Miss Kge Deco

Balance Space with a Light

Wood is the typical material used in rustic decor. In case it is predominant, you can make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm the space by balancing it with bright elements.

A large light fixture will grab the attention and enlighten the room enough to create the feeling for aerier space. Added to wooden ceiling beams it will emphasize their rustic warmth.

via Sater Design

Baskets Add Practical, Attractive Storage

Need more storage places in the entryway? A rustic entryway like this one will embrace the large laundry wicker baskets easily.

Placed under a table or next to a sitting bench, they add a stylish farmhouse touch with a practical feature.

via Stone Gable Blog

Bee Happy in Yellow, Gold, and White

A great impact in the entryway can be achieved in a simple manner. The smart combination of white, gold and yellow creates an airy atmosphere with memorable personal impact.

White ensures acceptance of any type of decor. Yellow, on the other side, makes sure that a point of interest is created. The role of gold is to balance the bolder accents and make space feel more traditional.

via 2 Ladies and a Chair

Blend Old and New Pieces

The rustic style incorporates easily in the contemporary decor trends. If you want to give the modern pieces of furniture a more homely look and character, add vintage accents like some old glass bottles, lanterns, baskets.

Fill the glass bottles or jars with flowers to ensure a more welcoming atmosphere.

Combine Seating and Storage in One Piece

This handmade hall tree combines in one three basic entryway pieces of furniture. Being of a small footprint makes it perfect for tiny entryways. The color choice also contributes to making space feel airier.

The material is wood so no doubt that it will be used safely and flawlessly for long years.

via Liz Marie Blog

Combine Storage and Display

This rustic bench is the perfect sitting area for an entryway that is narrow but long. The area beneath the bench can be used for shoes. The wall above it covered by a rack with eight hooks, a clear statement that guests are always welcome.

The color combo of this entryway is chosen to be classic- white and black in the perfect balance. Small accents in the brown palette give a farmhouse charm to the setting.

via Holly Mathis Interiors

Cozy Corner Gathering Entryway Nook

If there is a corner in the entryway that looks odd but cannot be demolished because of architectural reasons, you can turn it into a practical piece of it. Use its shape and size to customize a bench and a coat rack accordingly.

Some accents like pillows, signs and frames make the odd space feel more like part of the home. The rug on the floor anchors it and states that it is as homely as any other part of the house.

Create a Table with Reclaimed Wood

An instant way to make furniture look authentic is to make it out of reclaimed wood, plus this supply is very affordable.

Using the legs of two old wooden stools, you can create a table for the entryway which clearly anchors the rustic style in it. Three long beams are adjoined together to ensure a long but narrow top for decorative accents.

Stained in dark, this top provides a contrasting canvas for antique and meaningful objects from the past.

Use the bottom level to store bulkier items like throws and pillows. Place them in simple farmhouse containers like wicker baskets or crates to enhance the rustoc vibe.

via Honeybear Lane

Crown Molding Ledge Decorative Entryway

Use the wall of the entryway as a canvas for wall art that will make the perfect transition to the core of your home. The collection of antique frames is a perfect choice that will make an elegant statement.

Placed above a ledge, they are given a new life. Use corbels to define the nook and other vintage items to fill every level of the space.

via Hallstrom Home

Don’t Despair in the Dark Entryway

This entryway is one of the exclusions from the traditional white or creamy rustic decor. Instead of using dark colors for the furniture or the accents, it has become the main armor for furnishing this small space.

This entryway not only makes a bold and dramatic statement, it is also very storage-friendly. The cubbies are deep and big enough to store a lot of things related to the entryway. The top of the storage furniture is made of solid wood in dark brown.

It accommodates that part of the decoration that is in the brighter palette.

via LJ Decor

Display Favorite Pieces Together

It is very trendy when it comes to rustic style to use parts of the outdoors inside, like window frames, shutters, doors. The windows we see here have been repurposed to create a focal point of the entryway decor. Grabbing the attention it is certain that the unique collection of vintage cans will be appreciated.

All these are set onto a light blue entryway table that is clearly affected by the rustic style. The design choice is continued to the floor where a large wicker basket shows three identical pillows wrapped in burlap covers.

via Farmhouse Porch

Emphasize Favorite Pieces with a Mirror

We know that mirror is the easiest means to make space look airier and give it a point of interest. For the rustic entryway,. including a mirror means even more because it emphasizes the accents reflected in it.

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The entryway table below the mirror features a top that accommodates three large decorations. Each of them is partially reflected in the mirror and its effect on the interior strengthened. The idea of this entryway is to use pieces from nature and authentic accents.

via Sand and Sisal

Emphasize the Space with Horizontal Lines

This small entryway has been furnished as if it is a living room. Pieces like a curtain rod, a lamp, a chest with drawers, candle holders bring the cozy motif in the transitional space.

The decoration and furniture used for this nook are very symmetrical to clearly identify the limits of the nook. This is a great idea to make an entryway look welcoming by recreating a scene typical for a room from the home with rustic elements.

Go Vertical for Tons of Storage

This entryway is one of the most functional ever. Every inch of it is covered with a piece of furniture that can be used to organize stuff related to that space.

A bench is framed with two tall shelf units. All supports are in white while the storage containers are decided to be in brown to give the space a cozy touch.

The wall is planked with wooden lathes to make a continuous connection with the coat rack. Its simplicity is adorable, just simple metal hooks screwed to the wood.

Great Rustic Entryway Décor Idea: Add a Pop of Color

This rustic entryway idea features hints of how to reuse old stuff like windows, shutters and lumber. They are set on the wall to create a window with a lot of nostalgic charm in it.

A wreath and an “antique” sign clearly state the farmhouse atmosphere of the entryway. The polka dots on the lampshades additionally enhance the old-fashioned theme.

Hello Hooks and Boot Crate

This small entryway has been given a lot of functionality by furnishing it with farmhouse and antique items.

The boots are placed into a crate to keep them from spreading dirt on the rugs. A small wooden side table is turned into a multifunctional piece- being a bench and a display. On the wall, three round hooks take up the daily accessories. The mirror is a fine accent that gives the space a pinch of sleeky charm.

via Simple Cozy Charm

Home Sweet Home Modern Farmhouse

The best thing about the rustic entryway is that it can easily be transformed in the season theme only by adding typical accents.

This is an example of how you can welcome autumn, just add a knitted throw on the bench or to the coat rack, some pumpkins and a thematic pillow cover. A great decor idea inspired by this entryway example shows how a ladder can be repurposed into a functional hanger.

via Returning Grace

Keep It Clean with Wired Shoe Bins

Keep your shoes well stored and protect the entryway from debris in a stylish rustic way. These shoe bins are made of wooden frames filled with metal wire.

The transparency of this design makes it easy to sort and find out the pair you are looking for. To each side of the bench, there is a large wicker container. One of them accommodates accessories, the other one holds a flower pot.

The bench is placed on a jute carpet in light color which sets the limits of the entryway.

via From Jennifer Ann

Let Light in with Sheer Curtains

The French style of this entryway brings you to another world- one that is so romantic and magical. That has been achieved by leaving the signs of age on the wood and even enhancing them with vintage accents.

The white sheer curtains provide privacy but don’t limit light to let the entryway feel airy. The bench is replaced by a small vanity represented by a shelf supported by an antique corbel and a large ornamented mirror. Together with the small accents like repurposed vintage utilities, this entryway creates a whimsical one-of-a-kind decor.

via Hative

Light and Airy with Plants and Wood

Breath in life into the entryway by adding green plants. Use the existing furniture as stands in order not ot overwhelm the space with stands.

This unique and large bench is a comfortable place to take off shoes. Another role it plays is to display beautiful greenery in a tiered way and where there is enough indirect light.

Live Edge Slab and Map Modern Entryway

via Beauty For Ashes

This entryway table combines modern minimalist style with the warm rustic one. The hairpin legs are very trendy and definitely adding style to space.

The top is made of solid wood top smoothens the clean metal lines and provides a smooth display for other two opposite in styles accents.

Long and Lean Entryway Side Table

This entryway table is an example of a stylish rustic piece of furniture with an unique element featured by the top immitating marble.

It is tall enough to ensure enough storage space beneath the top. Because of the design of the table, rustic containers like a wicker basket and a retro file box are used for storage on the bottom shelf.

On top of it, candles add warmth to space. On the other side, there is a glass vase with evergreen twigs making the atmosphere very welcoming.

via Small Stuff Counts

Look at These Wall Mounted Lanterns

Think about the white walls of the entryway as a canvas for your creativity. A collection of vintage items like these gorgeous identical lanterns showcases the focal point of the rustic entryway.

Their alignment is also very interesting. Being attached to the wall in a symmetrical pattern ensures a neat look. Each of them possesses a gift from nature. This is a great idea of how to repurpose lanterns for seasonal decoration.

The small entryway table below them is an additional place to expand the decorations display and keep all things in that spot tied together.

via Know How She Does It

Lovely and Long Entryway Lineup

Thinking out of the box, you can utilize every inch of your home in a stylish and practical way. This corner created from the staircase and the surrounding walls of the rooms forms a small entryway with a non-traditional shape.

That has been turned into an advantage by furnishing it with customized entryway furniture. It is represented by a long rustic bench and many storage wicker baskets. The weathered wood the sitting area is made of brings the casualty and charm of the farmhouse living to the present. The hairpin legs balance the old with the contemporary.

Every basket is labeled with a name to provide easy organization and the feeling for a neat and tidy home.

via Trey & Lucy

Mix Boxes and Baskets for Storage

When you decode to furnish your entryway in the rustic style, take a look at the thrift shops for vintage furniture. It can be given a new application and life in only a few simple steps. Like this console table, for example.

The eye-catching support has been left in its original state- distressed and revealing the signs of usage. A new top has been added to it in dark brown to match the frame of the mirror and the floor.

The decoration covers the entire top- a combination of different rustic symbols- blossoms from nature, family memories and vintage repurposed containers.

The boxes on the ground additionally enhance the charm of the entryway nook but also provide space for storage.

Mix in a Little Greenery

This inspiring rustic entryway idea can be easily recreated even in the tiniest space. A wooden table provides two levels for decoration.

Different accents beautify the table to make the entryway welcoming and clearly state that it is an important part of the family’s home.

Metal, ceramic, wood and glass being the typical materials of the rustic style are combined to give the decor a farmhouse feel.

The signs and the wreath are the first eye-catching items. They are that part of the decor that is most personal. At a second glance, you can see repurposed treasures with a new application which add interest to the entryway.

Mix Metal Textures with Reclaimed Wood

The large wooden clock can become the focal point of your entryway. Being also functional, it instantly grabs the attention with its size and aged look.

The decoration below it is arranged in a way that reveals the entire clock. Its role is to balance the predominant usage of wood. Metal containers and candle holders add a sleek touch to the cabinet and make the setting unique.

via Gardner White

Mix Pieces with the Same Colors

The design of this rustic entryway ensures that it is welcoming and appealing. The cold stone floor is balanced by the exposed wood panelling to give the mudroom a warm feel.

The yellow color additionally helps to create a sunny atmosphere. Seen in the vintage shelf unit, in the carpet and in the large framed bicycle art, it creates a unique atmosphere.

via Homebunch

Mixed Media Side Table Entryway Decorating

Use the rustic side table from your living room in your entryway to create a farmhouse chic look. Place it against the wall and start arranging vintage items. Lanterns, lampshades, candleholders, farmhouse containers add a lot of warmth to the decor.

Repurpose a wooden crate as a frame to attach a large green wreath to and give the space a personal touch. Another way to add a piece from your heart and make the entryway a cozy space is to include family photos in the decor.

via Home Decor Momma

Modern Beachy and Rustic Entryway

This is an example of how a tiny entryway can be decorated with simple means and become the most welcoming spot ever.

Combining neutral colors, give the entryway a clean and welcoming feel. Every piece of the decor is well managed to mix nature and home and create an ambiance with a lot of character.

via Project Allen Design

Neutral Rustic Entryway Decorations Bring out Textures

This image is a classical example of the rustic entryway. The colors are in the pastel and neutral palette. The textures are simple, the decorations are creating homely feeling.

A knitted blanket stays in a wire basket on the floor to show that warmth is ensured in this home. The items with a silver finish add a sleek touch that characterizes and opens the space. Family photos in vintage frames make the entryway be an inseparable part of the entity.

Organize My Keys (and Mail) Please

Enrtyways usually attract mess- randonly placed keys, coats, shoes, umbrellas. So in order to make them organized and neatly looking, you need the right storage furniture.

This wall shelf unit is all you need to keep things in the right space- the boxed compartments can accommodate keys and mail, the hangers are enough to take up the coats of the family. Its top is left to display decorations that make the entryway welcoming.

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Oversized Entry Light Welcomes with Warmth

This rustic entryway brings nautical motifs out to create a unique nook. The mirror is surrounded by sea stones and makes a perfect vertical continuance of the floor ornament.

The table is as if taken from a nobleman’s home that appreciates the fine works of craftsmen. It complements another rustic item in the entryway- the double-hinged door.

via Homebunch

Paint Wood White for an Airy Feel

Rustic combines well with the nautical theme. Used in the entryway, it creates a magical vibe that makes you feel relaxed and welcomed.

This dresser incorporates coastal motifs seen on the front surface of each drawer. Because of the white distressed finish of the dresser, they pop out easily and become the accent of the decor.

Peaceful Tranquility Eased into Your Home

This entryway welcomes you with its homely look and comfort. The bench sets the center of the nook. Below it a large wooden tray is repurposed into a drawer to hold shoes in a neat way.

Above it, the wood planking is used as a coat rack ensured by vintage metal hooks. The homely feeling is ensured by three decor means- plants, a sign and a rug. They bring the coziness of the living rooms to that transitional area and make it feel just as important as any other room.

Re-purpose Old Pieces for Rustic Elegance

The design of this entryway table speaks for antique and precious value. Looking like a possession of the royal family, it creates a charming rustic entryway with a unique vibe.

The decor accents on the table and above it additionally enhance the antique setting, represented by a custom-made mirror with mosaic frame, ornate candle holder, a ceramic urn and a Fleur de Lys memento.

via European Paint Finishes

Return with Honor Rugged Entryway

Rustic style allows you to use signs that can inspire you or make welcoming statements. The entryway has been decorated with a motivating sign that clearly states the mantra of the home owners.

It is displayed on a reclaimed wood beam which provides a good brown contrast to let the letter pop out. Below the sign, a simple farmhouse rack utilizes the vertical space of the entryway.

Against the bottom part of the wall, an ordinary wooden bench is placed to bring a typical scene from the outdoor farmhouse living in contemporary living.

The rustic decor is finished with a rug which ensured that the entryway feels homely and cozy.

Rustic Farm Homestead Welcome Entryway

Make a clear statement to your guests with an oversized sign. Its design and position make sure that it is the first thing they will see. Adjusting the guests for the warm welcoming atmosphere of this home, the entryway showcases the values of the family through accents.

Nature is an appreciated part of their living which can be seen with the flower vases and the pumpkins celebrating autumn.

Faith is their driving power and that is reminded by the large framed art with a quote from the Bible.

via The Design Twins

Save Space with an Oversized Shelf

When your entryway is tiny, you can decorate it with furniture that doesn’t take up any of the floor space.

A wooden shelf sets the rustic tone and ensures a surface for the display of items that create a welcoming vibe. The corbels below it function not that much as support but mostly to enhance the aged look. The mirror is framed by an arch window which instantly makes it the focal point. The symmetrical alignment of the decorations on the shelf creates the impression of a neat and organized home.

via Home By Ally

Shabby Chic and Rustic White Charm

The distressed bench in this entryway is not only a comfortable piece of furniture but also a piece that sets the character of the space.

The wooden beam below it continues the rustic look and provides space for books and magazines. The pillow covers also show the personal touch of this entryway being made and embellished by hand.

A great addition to this rustic nook is the metal and wood door leaned against the wall. It makes a great statement and a background for the white vintage elements.

via Kirklands

Shiplap Chic Rustic Beach Entryway

This entryway features a unique rustic design with a contemporary vibe. The shiplap planking of the wall is newly made. However, its distressed look makes it feel like something being there for ages.

It provides a neutral canvas for the furnishing and the decor accents featured by a large bench with storage compartments. Wicker containers are seen on two levels- on the shelf unit at the top of the wall to provide hidden storage in a farmhouse style, and on the sitting area of the bench- holding natural elements in a charming way.

via Repurpose and Upcycle

Simple Dog Kisses Pooch Friendly Foyer

This entryway is an example of how simple things create a unique setting. You don’t have to overcrowd it with furniture. Instead, use only one table for storage and for the display of items that will enhance the homely look of the space.

This white table is big enough to create a centerpiece of the entryway as it is placed against a pastel blue wall. A woven basket on its bottom level keeps things hidden.

The mid-level is taken by a plaid blanket and vintage metal containers. The top-level showcases two ceramic flower pots with green plants, placed symmetrically on both sides to frame the entryway.

Simple Hooks and Baskets Make for Great Rustic Entryway Decorating Ideas

When you have children, you need to make sure that the entryway is comfortably furnished for them. This one is an example of how to achieve this without a compromise to its decor value.

The bench ensures a sitting place for every member of the family. The coat hangers are at an accessible distance in order to let children teach how to be organized.

The wicker baskets placed into the square compartments of the bench hide their shoes and make sure that the entryway looks decluttered.

Sit Down Storage for a Cozy Entryway

The decor of this entryway makes sure that all family members have their special place in it and that guests are well invited into the home.

The comfortable bench behind the door provides a soft sitting area ensured by a white cushion. The compartments hold wicker baskets for shoe storage. Each one is labeled with the name of its owner to ease the fuss from organizing stuff.

The hooks above the bench follow the number of the family members. The accents featured by a large wreath, a welcome sign and a hello rug set the cozy atmosphere of this rustic entryway.

via Dreaming Of Home Making

Snuggle Up in a Small Church Pew

This entryway is furnished with a small church pew. Woven items like baskets, bottles and a flower pot give the nook a farmhouse charm.

The mix of textures enhances the rustic vibe of the entryway. In addition to wood, a knitted throw stays on the bench, refreshing with its green and white colors.

Live plants play a significant role in this setting, making it welcoming for family and guests.

via The Tattered Pew

Surround Yourself with Homemade Blessings

This entryway serves as a display for blessings. The gorgeous handmade sign with a meaningful personal thought takes a central place on the rustic table.

On both sides of it, two identical reading lamps are placed to make the atmosphere cozier. The personal theme continues on a wood sign with engraved letters.

On the bottom level, another sign beautifies the decor, placed into a picture frame.

Totally Taupe Modern and Contemporary Entryway

The texture and the color choices make this entryway a rustic nook with a modern design. Things are kept neatly stored in a large chest with authentic wooden texture.

The personal touch is clearly stated with the nautical accents featured by a painting in the pastel palette and the ceramics in the same nuances.

The interesting mirror on the wall is an antique which adds a vintage vibe together with the carpet.

via Finding Lovely

Use a Single, Bright Focal Point

If you prefer to keep things simple, take a look at this rustic entryway idea. The lines are clean, the colors are neutral to create a relaxing feeling.

The warmth is provided by many candles in different designs but all inspired by the rustic trend.

The pastel blue and faded white do a great job adding character in a calming nautical way.

via Brandi Sawyer

Warm Welcome with Blue and Brown

Chossing the proper color combination for the accents of your entryway, you can achieve easily an ambaince that invites guests in a unique way.

This rustic entryway shows us how that can be achieved. White and brown color the wooden surfaces. Since they are a background for the smaller accents, their neutral nuances become the perfect canvas to experiment with.

The accents here have been decided to be in the nautical palette- pastel green and blue. The pillow cover and the patterned carpet pop up in this small space to give it character and style.

via Wilshire Collections

Let’s Welcome Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge

The entryway of this home has been defined in a nook with a lot of character. That has been achieved by the column planked with exposed bricks which adds a rough but charming motif from the outdoors inside.

The table has been customized to fit the small space. Its height correlates with the decorative accents that surround it. A large vintage lantern pops out against the background, adding the symbol of light and warmth to the entryway.

Pillows state the homely vibe. A glass vase wrapped in chicken wire brings the farmhouse closer to the contemporary world.

The central piece of this nook is the oversized sign on the wall. It makes a cozy greeting to everyone entering this home and clearly states the family’s beliefs.

Welcoming Messages Create an Inviting Space

An original way to welcome the rustic style in your entryway is to decorate the wall with a collection of decorations that are connected in a way. For example, a wall covered in signs will surely become a unique focal point.

They are of different sizes, of different colors and shapes. All of them have a unique message. Altogether they create a family wall that reveals the values of the people living in this home.




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