30 Fantastic Reused and Repurposed Galvanized Tub and Bucket Ideas

Galvanized metal is a mainstay in rustic and farmhouse decor, and for good reason — although the material is utilitarian, its soft grey tones and signature speckled look adds a stunning texture to an indoor or outdoor space.

If you have an old galvanized tub or bucket, don’t toss it in the trash.

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These fantastic ideas show you how to repurpose your tub into a functional and beautiful decorative piece.

Bathroom Organizer Made from Galvanized Bucket

Don’t love the idea of a standard toilet paper holder?

Turn a small, shallow galvanized bucket into a more stylish option.

The handle is a creative way to dispense toilet paper, and the bucket offers space for reading material and other supplies.

via Stamp Till U Cramp

Bucket and Pump Make Great Water Features

Combine a gorgeous galvanized metal tub and a vintage water pump to create a one-of-a-kind water feature.

Leave the tub unfinished, and give the pump a coat of paint to help it pop.

Here, the homeowner has added a selection of river rocks to enhance the casual vibe.

Bucket with Feet Makes Unique Table Base

What’s a more beautiful combination than galvanized metal and reclaimed wood?

This creative project uses a large round bucket and a selection of wooden scraps to create a custom coffee table.

The original hinges on the tabletop bring out the metal of the bucket for a cohesive look.

via Lafayette Antiques

Buckets Make Great Kitchen and Store Organizers

Transform your kitchen storage system into a thing of beauty using metal buckets.

Mount them to the wall using a few sturdy screws, and you have a convenient set of unconventional open shelves.

Line each one with rustic printed paper to complete the country vibe.

Coffee Table Base Made from Galvanized Tub

If you’re searching for a coffee table that stands out from the crowd, this beautiful DIY project has you covered.

A few wooden planks form the top, and a large galvanized tub makes a sturdy base.

Add your own stain to match your furniture or leave the planks unfinished for a natural, weathered look.

Easy Outdoor Cooler with Bucket and Ice

Keep your drinks cool and ready to go with this fun DIY cooler.

Just fill a galvanized tub with ice and add drinks; the wide mouth makes it easy for guests to grab what they need.

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Take it an extra step further by adding a few more buckets to hold cups, napkins, and utensils.

via Lil Luna

Easy Planters Made with Repurposed Galvanized Tubs

Durable and weather-resistant, galvanized tubs make the perfect planters.

All you need to do is drill a few holes for drainage and you’re ready to plant.

Use a selection of sizes and shapes for an eclectic porch or patio arrangement.

via On Sutton Place

Firewood Stays Organized in Galvanized Tub

Who knew that firewood storage could be so beautiful?

The stunning oval shape of the metal tub gives this DIY system a distinctly modern vibe, and the creative metal base keeps the wood elevated to prevent moisture buildup after the rain.

Galvanized Tubs Turned Bathroom Sinks

Go all in on your rustic decor by transforming two galvanized tubs into a dual-sink bathroom vanity.

The deep sides prevent splashing, making these sinks a great option for homes with kids.

A few reclaimed wood accents take this farmhouse-friendly design to the next level.

Hang Your Flowers in Galvanized Buckets

Hanging planters are a lovely way to decorate your front porch.

This clever project uses a variety of vintage items — metal buckets, a pulley, and rough rope — into a truly unique planter that your guests will love.

Use these hanging planters for flowers, or turn them into a striking herb garden.

via Kelly Elko

Outside Hose and Gardening Organization Featuring Bucket

The best solutions are often remarkably simple, as proven by this creative option.

All you need is a fence-mounted galvanized bucket — wrap your hose around the exterior, and use the interior for storage.

You can even use the handle as a drying rack for gardening gloves.

via The Art Of Doing Stuff

Instant Drink Station with Bucket and Soda

Get ready for summer gatherings with this creative drink station.

It turns an old table and a bucket into a rustic-chic piece that’s sure to bring smiles to your guests’ faces. Just add ice, and you’re ready to entertain.

via I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Keep Towels Organized in Water-Proof Bucket

Have you ever struggled to find beautiful ways to keep towels and extra blankets ready for visitors?

Just roll them up and stuff them into a durable galvanized bucket.

Guests can find them easily, and the waterproof metal keeps everything fresh and dry.

Kitchen Island Made from Wash Tub

A kitchen island is a lifesaver in a smaller kitchen.

This unique piece uses a metal tub mounted on an old table base and topped with wooden planks to fit your farmhouse style.

We love how the homeowner uses the handles as a towel holder.

via Magazine Your Home

Large Wash Tub Turned into Shower and Bath

Make a splash in your bathroom by replacing your tub with an enormous galvanized metal version.

Sturdy, waterproof, and durable, this is a lovely alternative to a traditional design.

The texture and shine sets your bathroom apart from the crowd.

Organize Odds and Ends with Old Buckets

Every home has a selection of small items that are useful but difficult to store.

This fun system uses two metal buckets hanging from simple coat hooks to keep odds and ends in a stylish, easy-to-access location.

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Picnic Organization Made Easy with Small Buckets

Do you like to host summer barbecues or picnics?

Keep utensils, straws, and napkins in order with a bunch of tiny galvanized buckets.

Use a paint pen to create handwritten labels, and set the buckets right on the table for a sweet, casual touch.

via Save On Crafts

A Rustic Galvanized Tub Bath Shelf

Convert a metal tub into a shelving unit with two simple wooden planks, and you have a farmhouse-chic piece that’s ideal for the bathroom.

The metal holds up beautifully in a damp environment, and the large interior offers plenty of space for folded towels, toiletries, and more.

Rustic Light Fixture Perfect for Porches

Looking for an unique way to illuminate a porch, workshop, or garage?

Why not replace the existing light fixture with a galvanized tub?

The sides help direct the light downward, and the metal texture makes bare bulbs look stylish.

via Valerie Yard

Rustic Light Pendant Made from Old Bucket

Give your kitchen lighting a rustic makeover with a vintage metal bucket.

The secret?

A monogrammed design made by punching holes in the side of the bucket. Flip on the light, and the letter glows.

via The Cottage Market

Side Table Made from Galvanized Bucket

Design a more functional front porch by adding a bucket table to a seating area.

Here, a few weathered wooden planks fit neatly into the bottom, creating a tabletop that looks beautiful and stands up to the elements.

Table Decorations Featuring Rustic Buckets

If you can’t find an old galvanized metal bucket, you can still achieve the rustic style.

A coating of toilet bowl cleaner and a bit of sunshine add an instant aged look. Fill your antiqued bucket with flowers for an instant centerpiece.

via Hometalk

Weatherproof Outside Table with Galvanized Bucket Base

A galvanized bucket and a wooden barrel-style top create a durable outdoor table in this project.

The thin wooden strips make an attractive contrast with the metal, creating a design that’s part vineyard, part farmhouse.

via Scavenger Chic

Unique Seating Solution for In-Tub Guests

Your guests will be instantly charmed by this unexpected seat, which is made using a large metal tub.

You’ll need a few power tools to cut out the seating area and build the wooden seat, backrest, and armrests, but the result is well worth the effort.

Wash Tub and Sewing Machine Base Create Magic

Make use of a historic sewing machine base by adding a galvanized metal tub to the top.

Add a few boards to turn the piece into a table, or leave it hollow to use as a planter or a beverage storage unit for parties.

Wash Tub Planter Filled with Plants

Galvanized metal contrasts beautifully with natural greenery in this planter project, which makes use of thick, cascading plants.

Note the creative drainage system and the rustic metal stand; they enable easy outdoor use.

Wash Tub Turned Corner Deck Planter

Deck planters need to be sturdy and weather resistant — and that’s where an old wash tub comes in.

The metal will age naturally as it’s exposed to the sun and rain, and the durable sides offer lots of support for a full load of soil.



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