Summer 2021 Home & Room Redecoration – Summer’s Top Trending Wall Art You Will Love

Embrace summer 2021 by redecorating your home or room with wall art. Bring in an oversized monochromatic print for a pop of color and a pinch of conversation. Install animal framed wall art to celebrate nature and wildlife. Here’s a look at five top trends that can inspire you and guide your residential transformation.

1. Monochromatic Wall Art
Some interior design professionals forecast a phasing out of accent walls, citing distraction and boredom as some of the reasons for their decline in popularity. What’s taking their place? Monochromatic walls and interiors. This trend features one color or its varying tones. Look for monochromatic themes in wallpaper, prints and paint treatments. Consider traditional or removable wallpapers for their unlimited monochrome patterns and prints.

2. Large Framed Artwork
If you’re ready to change up a wall in your bedroom or lounge, why not install a piece of large framed artwork? Oversized art encompasses various subjects and styles, from brightly colored tropical palm and peony acrylic art prints to sepia photos with woodgrain framing. Incorporate an existing motif into your space or pick a new theme around which to style your space. Frames are often as visually powerful as the artwork itself, and their styles are wide-ranging.

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3. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper
Peel-and-stick or removable wallpaper is back in style this summer, according to design experts. It lets you add color, drama, texture and character to your home in a matter of minutes. Plus, it’s easy to change when you’re ready for a new look and feel. All kinds of styles exist, from floral and geometric prints to retro- and vintage-inspired options. Removable murals in naturalistic designs are another on-trend possibility for your residential refresh.

4. Framed Textile Art
Trending in 2021 is framed textile art, another simple way to bring color, texture, warmth and conversation to your home. Woven, knit, crocheted and other types of hand- or machine-sewn artwork can bring additional style and texture to your living spaces. Consider hanging quilts and tapestries or framed samplers that have sentimental or family meaning. You could also choose to buy a framed piece that complements your home’s interior design.

5. Animal Framed Wall Art
Whether photography, prints or textile pieces, framed wall art featuring animals is “in” in 2021. It brings the great outdoors into your home, enlivening your walls and capturing your and your guests’ imaginations. Opt for block or line prints with simple frames to enhance your contemporary interior. Go with Chinoiserie wildlife prints with vintage gold frames to add warmth and whimsy to any space. Whichever animal-themed framed art you choose, you’ll be on trend this season.

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If these top trends captivate you, browse interior designers and home goods retailers’ websites today for wall art ideas that appeal to you and your living space. Many designers and retailers offer photo galleries, ideas and tips, products and instructions. Don’t forget that designers’ blogs are a great place to learn about the current and the coming seasons’ emerging trends.


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