W+W: washbasin and watercloset

We are constantly preoccupied by anything that is harmful to the environment and we are constantly looking for ways to decrease the negative impact. I’m not going to discuss whether or not the environmental problems exist or not. Instead, I’m going to present to you a very simple and handy way that can help you help the environment.

W+W is a combination of a washbasin and a watercloset. What it does is recycle the water and thus help us feel better when it comes to important issues like saving the planet. The piece is L-shaped and it has a very simple and elegant design. W+W features an innovative system that takes the wastewater from the basin, filters it and reuses it in the discharge of the cistern.

This is a very nice way of being functional and productive and thinking green in the same time. The W+W piece has a very beautiful design. Its L shape creates a beautiful curved silhouette. Furthermore, the platform can be used as a seating place. It can also be used as a sort of platform where you can place useful stuff or decorative items. W+W was designed by Gabriele Buratti and Oscar Buratti for Roca.

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