Wooden Bathroom Cabinets and Oval Sanitary Ceramics by Pozzi-Ginori

Pozzi-Ginori is an important manufacturer in the field of bathroom ceramics and bathroom furniture in general with many beautiful creations. Today we’re going to take a look at a new collection called “Egg”. The name is very suggestive. The collection features oval shapes thus the name. it includes a beautiful combination of natural wood cabinets and ceramics with elegant lines, suitable for all types of decors.

The versatility of the pieces from this collection lies in their simplicity. The oval shapes and delicate lines suit the bathroom beautifully. This is a space meant to feel relaxing, a private space where there shouldn’t be any rough lines or elements to obstruct the peaceful atmosphere. The smooth and soft lines and angles characterize all pieces from the “Egg” collection.

The wooden cabinets add warmth and elegance to the bathroom. The material has a very nice natural texture and feel and these details get thrown into the décor, influencing it in a strong way.

The wooden cabinets are presented in various versions. The collection includes chic washbasin cabinets as well as a selection of storage fixtures and furniture pieces.

Moreover, the collection includes a series of beautiful mirrors meant to complement the furniture and fixtures. A selection of shelves and other accessories for the bathroom are also part of the same collection. The designs are so beautiful because they combine practicality and function with style in a simple way. The shapes and materials are familiar but they are used elegantly.

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