White Bathrooms Can Be Interesting Too – Fresh Design Ideas

The bathroom is not the place to use unnecessary features. Here, you need to focus on function and usability. It’s why color can sometimes be an inconvenient. White bathrooms, being simple by nature, make it easier to create a fresh and clean ambiance. They also allow you to be creative when using accent colors and details, drawing attention to specific elements in the décor.

White as a primary color is not only a good fit for a space like a bathroom but is also really versatile because it goes with everything. That means you can introduce an accent color or even an accent material into the mix and create stylish focal points without necessarily being very bold about it. {found on brandonarchitects}.

A white bathroom can take advantage of certain types of materials such as marble for instance which would look really nice in its design without disrupting the color palette. At the same time, a few light neutrals can be seamlessly introduced to create a sense of depth in the room. {found on arhomescincinnati}.

There’s one other color that goes really well with white and it’s of course black. Although they’re complete opposites they complement each other wonderfully and you can use black as an accent color in the bathroom for all sorts of things like all the fixtures, frames and accessories and also for the floor tiles. That way the space still stays bright and open but it doesn’t look bland.

Introducing a few warm and soft color details into a white bathroom can also look amazing. Play around with a few delicate nuances like soft pinks, coral and so on to brighten up the décor and create transparency using glass. These two elements go hang in hand and we absolutely love how this design has turned out. {found on sokodesign}.

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A little bit of texture can go a long way and in the case of a space like a bathroom that’s actually easier said than done. One of the details you can count on however is an area rug. Pick something suitable for this sort of space and use it to add a bit of contrast to your monochromatic bathroom. {found on strobel-llc}.

Check out how clean and stylish this bathroom looks despite how simple the color palette is. White is the primary color used for the walls, ceiling and even all the furniture. Still, there’s also a little bit of black, a bit of bronze and some natural wood which help a lot to make this feel like a very inviting and beautiful space. Follow seventeenth.avenue for more inspiring ideas.

Light wooden tones look really beautiful in white bathrooms. They add warmth and texture to the décor but at the same time they maintain the overall brightness and openness of the room. A wooden vanity is thus a gorgeous accent piece for a space like this. Pair it with a stylish vessel sink and a chic mirror for an even greater effect. Check out coco.camellia_ for more inspiring ideas.

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Another way to add a bit of diversity to a white bathroom is by turning the floor into a focal point. With so many different types of tiles to choose from you can come up with a really nice pattern or design that does this space justice. Keep it simple with black and white tiles or use wood-like tiles to make this space look gorgeous. These farmhouse-inspired vibes by Sarah Solis Design Studio could be your source of inspiration.

This design by Laurence Simoncini is something else. White marble was used extensively in the bathroom which keeps the s[ace bright and airy but not exactly minimalistic. The accent color chosen for it is a rich shade of ochre, a dark green with touches of yellow in it reminiscent of dried moss.

The minimalism of the white walls and ceiling in this bathroom designed by Tobias Partners is complemented by a very fresh ambiance thanks to the openness of the décor and the large windows which frame a beautiful view of the garden. The natural wood and concrete accents emphasize a contemporary aesthetic and the greenery balances out their simplicity.

Adding a few metallic accents to a white bathroom can completely change its look and feel. Bronze and gold accents add a refined but also old-school kind of charm to the design and can be paired with a variety of other colors as well. This beautiful interior by Red Deer gives an idea of that could look like.

This design is a mixture of some of the ideas we mentioned earlier. It’s mainly a white bathroom but not in the pure sense of the term. It makes use of timeless marble tiles to introduce unique patterns into the décor and natural wood for warmth and texture. A few golden metal details complete the design and give it an elegant and sophisticated feel. This is part of a project done by CM Studio.



Make a small bathroom feel more spacious by using white as the primary colors combined with glass shower dividers and large mirrors. It will look simple but chic if you use clean lines and minimalist fixtures.

You can add a bit of warmth to a white bathroom by including an earthy shade. It can be in the form of tiles, a countertop, a small rug, etc. This décor also uses texture to look inviting.

A white bathroom can also stand out with its architecture. In this case, the décor is extremely simple, with the tub as the focal point. The ceiling and the overall modern design are modern with a bit of futuristic flair. The lighting plays an important role as well.

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Make the ceiling the focal point by decorating the rest of the bathroom in white. For the ceiling, you can use either a contrasting material or color to create an interesting combination and visual effect.

Give your small bathroom a Scandinavian allure by using white as the main color and combining it with wooden accents and raw finishes.

For a clean and uniform look, opt for white bathroom cabinets and matching finishes and designs throughout. There’s no need for an accent color if you enjoy the look.

Create a cohesive décor using only one color. Everything in this tiny white bathroom features the same clean, sharp lines, including the washbasin, the toilet, the cabinet and the tiles. The singular potted plant on the window sill has a powerful effect as an accent feature.

Soften the look with delicate curves and rounded edges. The oval freestanding tub and the tiny white stool are wonderful examples.

Earthy colors such as brown pair well with white. You can opt for wooden flooring in the bathroom to make it feel more warm and inviting.

The white bathroom vanity blends in perfectly given how the walls, floor and ceiling feature the same color. The glass shower door and the large mirror add spaciousness to the room, keeping it simple and fresh.

Not all white bathrooms have to look modern or futuristic. You can try a different approach by using pedestal sinks and other accent features and accessories that help define your style.{found on lisapetrole}.

The walls can also feature an off-white color is a very soft beige or pastel color. This way the bathroom will still feel spacious and airy but the color palette won’t be as harsh and cold as white.

Glossy finishes pair well with mirrors. For example, the white vanity/ under-sink cabinetry forms a stylish combination together with the large mirror. The rest of the space can be matte or opaque.{found on smcbuilding}.

To increase the spaciousness of a small bathroom, aside from using white as the primary color, consider opting for open shelves and other space-efficient design solutions.

In larger bathrooms the white can be complemented by an accent color. It can be simple and natural, in the form of a wooden table, bench or cabinet.{found on leicht}.

Add a bit of vintage flair to your white bathroom. It can be in the form of some interesting window coverings, some accent furniture, lighting fixtures or other design and décor elements.{found on katejacksondesign}.



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