What’s The Ideal Height And Design For a Shower Niche?

Shower niches are very convenient, especially for small bathrooms. It provides an easy and convenient way to store shampoo bottles, lotions and other things and they eliminate the need for shower caddies and racks. This ensures a clean and simple overall design and structure which suits most modern and contemporary bathrooms. One question rises however: what’s the right height for a shower or a bathtub niche? Find out the answer below.

The ideal height of a shower niche is at chest to eye level when standing. However, that’s strictly related to the height of each individual person. On average that usually means a height of 48 to 60 inches (120-150 cm).{foudn on janinedowling}.

It’s not the height at which you position the shower niche that’s important but also the proportions of the niche itself. That in turn depends on what you plan to use the niche for specifically. This suite by LA Closet Design is a good source of inspiration.

Make sure the shower niche suits your needs. It doesn’t need to be very high if you only plan on keeping a few small bottles of shampoo or lotion in there anyway and it doesn’t need to be extra wide if you don’t need it to be. This design by GIA renovations is very well balanced in this sense.

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A bathtub niche of course needs to be placed lower so you can easily reach it while in the tub. That means placing it just a bit higher than the tub and in a place where it’s easily accessible. This bathroom by Cartelle Design can give you some inspiration.

There’s no standard shape or size for a shower niche which means you can customize it in any way you see fit. For example, this one has an irregular design, being long and narrow for the most part but also including a tall section. It was designed by First Lamp.

Another cool idea is to add a shelf on your shower niche in order to basically divide into two sections. This could make it easier to organize your toiletries and other things.

The best thing about a shower niche is that it’s embedded into the wall. That helps save space and also means you can get pretty creative with the design. Check out this stylish flower-shaped niche shared by warmyourfloor on Instagram. It looks amazing.

When building or designing the shower niche you can use the wall tiles as a guide. This way the niche can fit in nicely without disturbing the pattern. Of course, the ideal height should be a priority. Check out this beautiful design shared by dettmore101 for inspiration.

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It’s usually a good idea to have the niche on a wall that’s opposite or adjacent to the shower head so you can access the items without reaching through the shower spray. In this particular the niche goes from end to end.

There’s plenty you can do to customize a shower niche and to make it stand out, including to add accent lighting to it. Built-in LED lights can illuminate the niche in a really cool way, creating a nice glow and adding character to the entire bathroom. Check out trendir for more great lighting ideas.

Another cool way to make the shower niche stand out from a visual point of view is by using materials, finishes and colors that contrast with the surrounding wall. A good example in this regard is the design created by studio Biasol.

Getting back to the initial question (what’s the right height for a shower niche), we also want to mention that the proportions and the design are very important in this case. Studio ONE SEED Architecture + Interiors created here a tall and narrow niche with three levels. All three should be easy to reach which means the center the of niche is probably places at the ideal height.



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