What to choose for your bathroom: a bathtub or a shower cabin?

I like them both, but you can choose between them depending on your taste, your personality or the size of your bathroom, as all these factors are important when you want to decide whether to have a bathtub or a shower cabin at home.

First of all the size of your bathroom is really important. If your have a big bathroom you can afford to choose either a huge bath tub or a shower cabin or even both if it is big enough, which is the most convenient. You can use one at a time, depending on your mood and you can also have a quick shower while your wife enjoys her time relaxing in a hot water bath tub smelling like heaven.

On the other hand, if your bathroom is really small you have no other alternative than to have a shower cabin. It’s modern and you can choose one with all the options and some models even have a miniature bath tub attached where you can put the babies for example after you have taken them from their special baby tub.

Also having a shower cabin is recommended for very athletic quick people who are always busy and always in a hurry, never finding enough time for a long bath, but only for short showers, as they will not use a bath tub even if they had one.

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However, bath tubs do have a lot of advantages: when you are tired and totally stressed out you can enjoy a hot bath in the bath tub that you have filled with foam and scents . And, if the bath tub is big enough for two you can relax there and spend



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