Waterpik Medallion Shower Faucet

Modern people prefer having showers instead of baths for various reasons: time, water waste and so on. But one of the reasons I choose showers is the fact that the morning shower is so reinvigorating and prepares me for the day about to start instead of relaxing me and making me fall asleep again. The water splashes on my face and I feel clean and fresh and ready to go to work. Well, I guess shower heads or faucets have their role in this, like this nice Waterpik Medallion Shower Faucet.

It has a chrome finish, so it looks nice and sparkling and can offer you a personalized shower each time. You can choose a relaxing rainfall or a focused drain of water for a thorough cleaning. It’s all up to you. You can also choose the angle of the water to be sprayed on the body thanks to the flexible neck of the shower head. You do not have to worry about the limescale that piles up on shower heads usually because now this one has its self-cleaning nozzles. It can have different flows depending on the profile you pick, but the maximum  flow rate is of 2.5 gallons per minute.It can be purchased for $42.97 from Home Depot.

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