Warm and inviting bathroom designs

Christmas is almost here and we all know how holidays are. Guests, family and friends come over and maybe spend the night so we try to make our home as lovely and inviting as we can. And every room of the house needs to be cozy, including the bathroom. Let’s take a look at some really warm and inviting bathroom designs and see what exactly makes them so appealing.

Notice how peaceful they all look. Comfort is definitely a very important factor when decorating and designing a room. We have here a complex selection of designs. Some of them are cozy and feature a lovely vintage décor. The colors are warm and vibrant but not overly striking or dynamic so the overall image is still peaceful and inviting. Others feature bright colors or pastels and this is also a very interesting choice.

Another important element that is particularly visible in some of the pictures here is the bathroom furniture. If you really want to make your bathroom warm and cozy than “real” furniture is the way to go. Treat the bathroom as any other room of the house. Choose cabinets, chairs and even rugs and you’ll see that this completely changes the whole dynamic of the room. Of course, you would have to pay attention to the materials you choose because wood is not the best option for this particular room, with all the humidity and everything.{pics from BHG}

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