Wall Mounted Toilet Collections Worthy Of Any Modern Home

The popularity of wall-hung toilets has increased with the appreciation of clean and simple lines that characterize the contemporary interior design direction. The wall-mounted toilet is most popular in Europe (where the bidet toilet seat is pretty common as well) and it’s starting to make its way into the US as well. Like always, there are pros and cons to consider before making a decision and we’ll review these before we show you some of the designs that we like best. We’ll start with the pros which include the aesthetic appeal of wall-mounted toilets, the fact that they make cleaning easy and that they take up little space. They’re perfect for minimalist bathrooms. A con worth mentioning is the cost which is considerably higher than that of a floor-mounted toilet.

Check out how clean and elegant the design of this wall-hung toilet is. The matching bidet is just as chic. We love the simplicity of the form and the smoothness and delicacy of the stripes and the curved edges. It’s a robust toilet but somehow it looks very refined. You can find other similar designs in the Baden Haus collections. Whether you opt for a toilet and bidet set or any of these two separately, it’s entirely up to you.

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All wall-hung toilets and bidets share in common the general characteristics such as space-efficiency and easy maintenance. In addition, each individual model offers its own unique features and design details. Take these matching sets for example. They impress with their minimalism and pure forms. We also like some of the material and finish options.

There’s a bunch of other elegant sets that are offered by Ceramica Flaminia. You can see some of them here. They range in color and finish and there’a a design for everyone, whether you prefer something sleek and simple or something with a more traditional look. They look great in pairs and they complement each other naturally.

Globo also offers a range of stylish and modern wall-mounted toilet and bidet sets. We like the geometry of these models and the fact they have masculine shapes softened by delicately curved edges. We also like the nature-inspired colors and the stone-like finishes featured by some of the models.

The collections are variate and they can be integrated in modern and contemporary bathrooms in many different ways. A matching toilet and bidet set can often fit well in the room but other times a single wall-hung toilet can be a much better fit. You could match it to the vanity or the sink.

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Still searching for inspiration? You should also check out the cool and futuristic designs offered by Ege Vitrifiye. We like this collection in particular. The concave angles and rounded seats give them a cute allure, no matter what version you choose. Pick the model that best suits you and your lifestyle or needs. It’s really all about personal preference at this point, since all the elements share cool and sophisticated designs.



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