Vintage Copper Bathtub

Bathtubs are usually made of porcelain, plastic and even glass fiber, all of them looking pretty cool and modern, but all white. However, if you look careful enough, you might discover very interesting things in the vintage stores, things that can bring a personal touch to your home, as nobody else will have the same things as you. For example this amazing Vintage Copper Bathtub is something totally different , something that brings a blast from the past, the patina that is specific to old age and objects in the museum. It is beautiful and handcrafted, the masterpiece of skilled artisans.

This copper bathtub has a scroll Base and a nickel inlay, being made of hammered copper. It has a beautiful bronze patina with an oiled rubbed finish. The bathtub is made almost entirely of recycled copper, so it’s pretty useful, too. It does not have an overflow hole, but it does have a nice shape that is very curvy and graceful, with an embroidered edge on the base. So if you want to make your bathroom design memorable, you just have to purchase this vintage bathtub made of copper for the price of $4,349.00 from Vintage tub. It will certainly be worth purchasing this piece that belongs in a museum rather than a bathroom.

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