Vintage bath storage solution

Everyone has things they use in the bathroom and that then need to be stored away somewhere. Some people usually have some sort of closet of a storage space under the sink for example, but another very practical solution are storage baskets. They are easy to integrate into the existing décor and they are very practical and functional, especially in small homes.

Additional storage space is always welcomed because you can always find something to put there and the space is almost never enough. The Tiered Bath Storage unit is a compact and simple piece with a vintage look that can be easily integrated into a traditional bathroom or even in a more modern or contemporary one if the style suits the rest of the interior design. This storage unit is formed of several graduated baskets placed on a central structure.

The piece measures 14” in diameter and it’s 32.5” high. It’s made of steel and it has a brushed nickel finish that created an antique look. The piece is easy to assemble and it’s also easy to move around and one it’s in place it’s going to be a very useful storage area for things like washcloth, soaps and other products you usually use in the bathroom. It’s also equipped with clear rubber foot caps in order to protect the surfaces and not scratch anything. Available for EUR 50.59.

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