Vessel Sinks – The Trend That Never Went Away

When it comes to bathroom sinks, there’s one type that stands out due to all the polemic formed around it: the vessel sink. Vessel sinks are basins that are placed on top of a vanity or counter as opposed to drop-in or undermount sinks which are installed into the counter. They’re only found in bathrooms as they are not that practical in the kitchen. They’re mostly used in powder rooms or guest bathrooms but they can be a wonderful option for the master bathroom as well.

But before you make up your mind regarding bathroom vessel sinks, we should discuss a few of the pros and cons related to this style. The biggest advantage of a vessel sink is its stylish and beautiful look. This is a style that exposes the entire sink rather than hiding most of it under the counter, a style that puts the spotlight on the sink and turns it into a focal point for the bathroom. An eye-catching vessel sink can be a wonderful conversation piece and can really elevate the decor and ambiance in a bathroom.

Vessel sinks are also very versatile. they can be installed above the counter or they can be partially recessed, they come in lots and lots of different shapes and materials and all these details add up to give you the style you enjoy most, whether it’s rustic, traditional, vintage, classic or modern. Moreover, vessel sinks are really easy to install and that means you can pretty much replace them any time you want which brings us to another point: the fact that you can choose to be unique and to have a vessel sink that’s actually a repurposed bucket or a piece of pottery. That would really stand out.

Vessel sinks come in a variety of different materials including marble, porcelain or stoneLet a round-edge vessel sink soften the straight lines of your bathroom countertopThese beautiful vessel sinks mimic the soft ripples of fabric while staying strong and unmovable

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Compared to other types of sinks, vessels are also space-efficient. They only occupy a small portion of the counter, leaving plenty of room for toiletries and other things and they also don’t take up any space under the counter so you can have more storage space down there too. In addition to that, a lot of people say that vessel sinks are more comfortable to use compared to the other types because of their height.

Some vessel sinks can be installed partially into the countertop, like this oneWhen it’s paired with a simple vanity and toilet, a vessel sink can be anythingThe black sinks contrast with the wooden vanity and mirror frame and look very sleekAlthough the vessel sink should coordinate with the other fixtures, it shouldn’t really match anythingPairs or groups of sinks unlock a lot of creative design options, like this trio of colors

Of course, there are also some cons to consider as well, such as the fact that vessel sinks are more prone to splashing and they tend to require more cleaning and maintenance because of all the extra exposed surface. Also, even though they’re easy to install, a job not done properly can make the vessel sink unstable. Another factor to consider is the durability of a vessel sink. Because its edge is exposed, it’s easier for it to get damaged, although this has a lot to do with the material it’s made of. Finally, there’s also the lack of an overflow drain which can be looked at as a disadvantage. Some vessel sinks have one so you could skip this detail.

A vessel sink is the best option when creating a zen bathroom decorYou can complement a low bathroom vanity or counter with a tall and deep vessel sinkWith vessel sinks, you can visually break up a long and plain countertopSome vessel sinks are clearly meant to stand out and to be decorative
The installation of a vessel sink is really easy. All you need is a drain hole in the counterBecause it sits on top of the counter, a vessel sink can also be a source of color and glamour for the bathroomAlthough round and oval vessel sinks are the most common, rectangular one also existTurn a vessel sink into a focal point or a decoration for the bathroom by making it contrast with the vanitySmooth, organic forms like this one are ideal if you want a nature-inspired bathroom decorVessel sinks come in lots of different materials, including stainless steel or copperThe undulating form and curved edges of a vessel sink would pair well with a circular wall mirror

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The pros seem to outweigh the cons simply because of the style factor. When you have a sink that looks this beautiful you don’t mind putting in some extra effort when cleaning it and you can always just choose to have a vessel sink in your guest bath or powder room where it’s not used that often. With so many different types and styles to choose from, you just have to take your time to find the one that perfectly suits you and your home.

This sink matches the form of the vanity and mirror but at the same time softens their straight anglesHow about a heart-shaped vessel sink to show your love and to make guests feel welcomed?Stone is also a material that vessel sinks are sometimes made of. They’re all uniqueSometimes cohesiveness and simplicity and a good match but that doesn’t make them boringVessel sinks can be installed on any stable and flat surface, unlike other typesYou don’t need a very sculptural or odd-looking sink to have a gorgeous-looking bathroomVessel sinks can be paired with various types of faucets and in a way puts the spotlight on them tooPick a form, depth, material, finish and style that goes well with your vanitySometimes a simple-looking vessel sink can be complement by an interesting faucetEven though some say vessel sinks were just a trend, they’re here to stay



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