Using Black in the Bathroom

The incorporation of black in the bathroom is one that can work beautifully. It gives you the opportunity to create a room that has the perfect blend between being dramatic yet elegant at the same time. It is also a rather unconventional choice, and when you can make something unusual work well you have mastered one of the arts of interior design.

Nevertheless, this isn’t to say that using black as a dominant bathroom colour is easy. You need to be aware of how and when to use it – which you will be once you finish reading this post.

There are two instances whereby black can be a tragedy rather than a triumph. The first is in a bathroom that is very small in size. Black will only enclose the space more and make it look tiny. The second is when the bathroom is under-lit. If you don’t have substantial lighting then you are going to end up with a dark and dingy bathroom.

A way to ensure your bathroom does not end up looking cramp as a result of using black is to be mindful of how you are going to incorporate the colour. If you don’t have a large bathroom then why not consider only painting one or two of the walls black? This will make the space look a lot bigger rather than running the risk of enclosing the area. You shouldn’t just think about painting the walls black either. What about opting for a black tiled floor?

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In addition to this, with regards to the issue of lighting, there is no denying the fact that black works well in bathrooms boasting a large window. Nevertheless, you can look for contemporary light fixtures, and the incorporation of a large mirror works really well too. After all, by using a large reflective surface you help light to bounce through the room. You can even opt for a mirror that has surrounding spotlights.

You also need to recognise the fact that there are various shades of black. A lot of people see black as one definite colour and thus they don’t explore the possibilities of various hues. Yet, there are black shades that have a delightful warm or cool undertone. When it comes to the bathroom a great choice is to go for black that has a little tinge of blue to it.

Don’t feel restricted to merely using one block colour. There are lots of fantastic wallpapers available at the moment incorporating black and white patterns. The great thing about going down this route is the fact that you will easily achieve your main visual element in the room and thus you simply need to keep the rest of the space simplistic.

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And finally, don’t be afraid of playing around with different textures either. The use of materials, such as slate and stone, can work brilliantly when aiming to achieve a contemporary and sophisticated interior design.

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