Unique Bathtub-sink combination

Even though this combinations seems odd, it’s actually not very strange. The more you think about it, the more it starts to make sense. Every bathroom needs a bathtub and a sink, so why not combine the two? There are situations when you need the both anyway.

However, these situations are relatively rare, so it might be less practical than it seems. Still, it’s not like you can’t use only one of them. Overall, the combo is functional and even space-saving. The bathtub is very spacious and comfortable, large enough for two persons in case you want to take a romantic bath with your partner. It combines style and functionality. Even though it’s a very successful combination, it might not be such a good idea to incorporate it in a small bathroom because it could very well take the whole space. Small bathrooms usually have showers instead of bathtubs, so this is would not make a good choice in this case.

For those who love comfort and who own spacious bathrooms, this combo could very well be the best choice. In terms of design it’s relatively simple but also stylish and modern. You can use the idea and also search for other combinations, like maybe a toilet with drawers or storage space. It might actually be easier to find that this piece. The bathtub-sink is a really unique combination and a very interesting piece for any bathroom.

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