Undermount Bathroom Sink Design Ideas We Love

Undermount sinks have become very popular lately and they are more and more commonly seen in modern and contemporary homes. But first let’s explain what an undermount sink really is. There are two main types of sinks. The first one is the drop in sink and it’s the most common type. You know that you have a drop in sink when there is a lip that sits on the countertop. These sinks also usually have holes in the back for the faucet. They are called drop in sinks because they are dropped into the countertop from above.

Bright, contemporary bathroom featuring a double undermount sink

The second type is the undermount sink. They are part of a granite countertop and the hole cut for the sink is usually custom made and sometimes permanent. This means that it would be very difficult to find a replacement if the sink needs to be replaced. Undermount sinks do not have a lip sitting on the countertop. Most of them also don’t have holes at the back. Undermount sinks come with several benefits. For example, they are more practical as it’s easier to clean the countertop when you can simply wipe the debris straight from the counter and into the sink.

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Contemporary bathroom with a large mirror and a chic undermount sinkTraditional bathroom featuring elegant furniture and two minimalist undermount sinksContemporary bathroom featuring a suspended vanity with two undermount sinks
Simple and chic contemporary bathroom with undrmount sinks and wooden furnitureAsian-inspired bathroom featuring white furniture with two undermount sinksSpacious contemporary bathroom featuring dark wooden furniture with a white countertopVery clean and elegant bathroom with contrasting furniture and a double white unermount sinkContemporary bathroom with two symmetrical mirrors and undermount sinksVery airy bathroom with a traditional interior and stylish undermount sinks

Also, undermount sinks are more hygienic because food particles no longer built up under the lip of the sink. They are also more aesthetically pleasing. They have a minimalist look and are perfect for modern and contemporary homes. They are popular both in the kitchen and the bathroom. Here are a few ideas of undermount bathroom sinks that we find particularly beautiful.

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