Two stylish small bathroom interior designs

Everyone would prefer to have a large and spacious bathroom and to be able to decorate it the way they want. However, that’s not the case for all of us. But just because you got stuck with a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t make the best out of the situation. You can come up with some really beautiful décor ideas for the bathroom and there are also a few tricks that can help you redirect the attention from the size of the bathroom to its charming décor.

We have two beautiful examples to show you. The first one is a simple, contemporary bathroom interior. As you can see, the designer that worked with this room didn’t have much space to use. However, the result is very stylish and beautiful. To avoid using too much space with decorations and fixtures, spotlights were used. The bathtub inevitably occupies one side of the room.

But the remaining space has been wonderfully exploited. In the space adjacent to the bathtub there is a simple and sleek storage space on top of which the washbasin was placed. The counter space can be used to store all those things such as soap, lotions, etc. while the space directly underneath is perfect for storing towels. Also, underneath that portion there is a free area, perfect for storing boxes and storage containers.

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The second bathroom that we chose to show features a darker color palette. If the first one was featuring a refreshing green against the white walls, this one features several different tones of beige and brown. What’s particularly beautiful about is the way the white bathtub and washbasin stand out and the way the clear blue water becomes the focal point.{pictures from site}.



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