Two funny shower curtains

The bathroom is not usually perceived as a particularly fun place to be in. But this doesn’t mean you can’t change that. Add a fun detail to your bathroom with one of these shower curtains. The shower curtain is an important element because it’s the detail that can change the entire atmosphere. Given its dimensions, it’s impossible to miss and it can really have an important influence on the décor of the bathroom.

The first fun shower curtain we found for you is this one. It’s called the Social Shower Curtain. It looks like a page from a social network and it basically offers information about itself. It’s an ingenious idea that was inspired by the increasing importance of social networks these days. The curtain even has a transparent section in the place where the profile photo should be. You can buy this fun piece for only $15.

The second one is the Test Pattern shower curtain. Its name basically tells us everything we need to know about it. The curtain features the test pattern displayed on TV where there’s no signal. It has a fun and eye-catching pattern and the color combination and balance is also beautiful. As for the image featured on the curtain, it can be interpreted in numerous ways. This one is available at the price of $31. Both shower curtains are great for modern bathrooms.

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