Transparent Bathroom Stool from Toscanaluce

I used to think you couldn’t possibly need a stool in the bathroom because all the activities you do there require you to stand. Well, I changed my mind ever since I have children and an old grandma. Of course children need a stool to get to the upper shelves and even to the bathroom sink. But I discovered that old people need a stool in the shower because they find it terribly tiresome to stand during the shower, especially when they are ill. So a bathroom stool is rather necessary in these cases. This Transparent Bathroom Stool from Toscanaluce is simple and great for any bathroom.

This stool is perfect for the bathroom as it is made of water proof materials like the transparent plexiglass and the brass with a polished chrome finish. It has a contemporary style design and looks pretty nice, so you can use it for decorative purposes, too, rather than for useful ones. It belongs to the Toscanaluce Luce Collection and can be purchased for $788. Even if the item is made in Italy, if you order it online you can have it at your place in two to three weeks, depending on distance.


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