Towels Storage – 24 Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

A bathroom, regardless of its size, shape and interior design, must be well-organized and must have a functional and simple system. The towels usually occupy plenty of space and this can sometimes be an inconvenient.

In boxes or bags.

But there are numerous ways in which you can store your bathroom towels and each method could be the perfect one for your home.

Storing bathroom towels in boxes is very practical. You can roll them one by one and they can be stored on a shelf, on a wall-mounted rack or in a box placed directly on the floor. You can put handles on the box to make it easier to move around or to even hang it somewhere to save floor space.

Towel racks.

Towel racks are in a way similar to wine racks. Each towel can be rolled and stored in one compartment and this way you can easily save space by storing them all in one place. Moreover, this system also always allows you to easily reach a fresh towel whenever you need one.

Storage niches.

In a bathroom, niches are very functional. They are storage spaces built into the walls, usually with several levels. They are wonderful for storing towels as well as shampoos and other similar items. You can have an enclosed niche with a glass door or something less transparent or an open niche.

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Wall displays.

Since the towels are a must-have in any bathroom, you might as well display them in a beautiful and pleasant manner. You can opt for all sorts of solutions, usually wall-mounted shelving systems or other similar designs. This is usually an option more suitable for spacious bathrooms.

Under the sink.

The space under the sink is usually a dead space. But you can turn it into a great storage space for towels. You can put up a few shelves and opt for a cabinet or vanity. You can also use boxes, baskets or other containers which you can store under the sink and hide behind a curtain.

Towel towers.

Another practical option is to have a storage towel or a system of shelves. Put the towels one on top of each other and store them there beautifully and where they are easily reachable. The rest of the shelves can be used for storing other bathroom necessities or you can divide your towels into groups according to color, size, etc.



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