Three Dimensional Bathroom Accessories For You

Bathrooms are nowadays all about mixing and matching materials to transform a utilitarian room into a peaceful private spa, a glamorous spot to put make-up on or an eco-friendly place to shave. Bathroom vanities and cabinets store the ever increasing number of neccessary products and the accessories make it a beautiful place.

Qgini is a series of accessories designed by Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri for the Italian manufacturer Antoniolupi. Created as an extension of the side table “Gino” from 2011, these lovely bathroom accessories will surely catch your eye.

The concept aims to transform two dimensional materials into three dimensional objects. Moreover all parts share a common design concept, which is that each of them is made from planar surfaces and formed into an interesting object. The entire collection is made by bending a laser cut metal sheet and shaping it in order to meet the possible needs of a modern bathroom.

The lovely Qgini series includesb towel rails in various sizes, wall hooks, a tissue holder, a brush, a soap dish, a tumbler and a towel rack. With these items your bathroom will get an upgrade and you will feel as if every day is a day spent at the spa. This collection is simple, sleek and fun.

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