The Wanders Ceramic Washbasin

When decorating and furnishing a house, people usually pay more attention to the larger rooms, like the living room, the bedroom or even the kitchen. When it comes to choosing furniture for the bathroom they think they’ll just choose something and get over with it, since most designs are similar. However, most of them are wrong to think like that.

Even though there are fewer collections in this area, there are still plenty of stylish options for the bathroom. One very good example is the Wanders collection. It’s called like that because it was designed by Marcel Wanders in 2011. The collection includes several modern designs for the bathroom. There’s a very beautiful washbasin, a bathtub and several consoles. All the piece share in common the elegance pf the design. The designer plays with geometrical shapes, combining the softness of the oval with the strictness of the rectangle. The result is a very stylish and gentle silhouette.

Moreover, the consoles are probably the most impressive pieces of this collection. You can’t overlook the exquisite details of the console table and the matching mirror. The ceramic countertop washbasins are an exquisite piece that would complement any bathroom. It would look very beautiful in a modern or contemporary décor, probably best in a simple or minimalist room. The combination of white, dark brown and red is very inspiring.

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