The singing toilet from INAX

We don’t spend too much time in the bathroom, but we want the time we spend there to be quality time and to feel nice and comfortable there. And, even if we do not normally talk about these things, the toilet is one of those places. We want to be relaxed there and this is impossible if you have a cold unwelcoming toilet seat.

Apparently the guys from INAX consider the toilet a very important place and they also think it is the perfect device for playing music, as we all know that music influences your mood. So they integrated a music player in there and you can bring whatever music you like or feel comfortable with, by simply changing the sound card that is removable.

There are two models for this toilet: black and white and they are both very simple and yet functional and totally relaxing. This kind of toilet has an automatic lid and also has integrated heating in the seat, so that you don’t freeze in winter. When the lid opens automatically, the sound card is started and the lid starts playing your favorite music. It also automatically flushes and closes the lid when the pressure detectors do not detect your weight any more.

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The included bide and the double way deodorant, plus the feature of saving energy, as it practically consumes no power when it is not used, make it a valuable gadget for your bathroom and home.



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