The Peter Pan washbasin unit by Bruna Rapisarda

This contemporary washbasin unit is part of the Peter Pan Collection. It was designed by Bruna Rapisarda for Regia in 2012. The unit has a minimalist ad modern design with geometrical shapes, clean lines, no decorative elements. It’s a pure design with an unusual name. The unit got this name because of the fact that it seems to be flying in the air. It also has a friendly and cheerful look that also matches some of the characteristics that the fictional character has.

The Peter Pan washbasin unit was designed and created using Zero Ray technology. This way the crystal shelf got a perfect right-angled curvature that suits it very well. The unit was designed as a minimalist 120 cm shelf with a droplet-shaped basin that creates a visual connection with the L-shaped crystal shelf. The shelf’s dimensions are larger than those of the washbasin and the image is simple but has a strong visual impact on the user.

These shapes and designs weren’t chosen just for their aesthetic appearance. They also form a practical combination. There are two distinct pieces that form this unit. They can be placed one on top of the other or on different heights. They can form an asymmetrical design or they can be unified to save space. The main piece features three storage compartments. The second one is smaller and only has two. The lower part can also be substituted with a slim wooden container with a similar design. The pieces are available in lacquer finishes and in several different colors.

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