The North Pole Bathroom

If you have not managed to reach the North Pole, North Pole comes to you in your own bathroom! The bathroom is a place where you spend moments of relaxation after a hard day of work. If the bathroom has an extraordinary design, then you will feel much better and you will want to prolong your relaxing moments.

Ice and snow are, of course, inevitably, parts of those scenes set in the mountains, but this pattern of imagery begins and ends the novel only in the arctic region. Here, at the arctic, the ice shows her true power and greatness. The forms of ice on the bathtub and the sink are very relaxing, just like when you are somewhere surrounded by snow. Ice means peace, relaxation, and I think you know that the frozen land is a very quiet place.

I can say that in such a bath you are like a polar bear relaxing and splashing in his natural habitat. The modern design is everywhere in the room. All the elements together form the remarkable arctic bathroom, from the ice whole shape in the sink to the great bathtub covered in ice, from the chromium taps to the painting on the closet, to the brick wall. How simple and yet how modern is this incredible bathroom! It seems like the wind went inside and shaped this beautiful bathroom.{found on behance}.

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