The New Kim’s Temporary Bathroom Redo

After a while some simple things become boring. They cannot surprise you with anything new or special and more than that become out of fashion, old or deteriorated.

The same thing happened to Kim from desiretoinspire who got bored with her main bathroom. The fact that it is a small bathroom does not seem to be a problem but its interior design became dull and some items got deteriorated and needed some replacements. For example, the linoleum was dirty and scratched or the main light fixture, the medicine cabinet and the toilet paper holder were made of a poor wood quality.

The white walls seemed annoying and had nothing spectacular.So, Kim initiated a new temporary redo for her bathroom. For the walls of the bathroom used contrasted colors like black and white and then tried to add some vivid elements like the two small paintings with floral motifs. There are also some green spots on the curtain of the sink and a yellow chair rail, a cheap linoleum peel, a beautiful, artistic, round mirror and elegant light fixtures. The faucet of the sink is also elegant and stylish.

The result of all this temporary redo brings a new fresh ambiance and a wonderful décor which will definitely have a positive influence.

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