The Most Expensive Bathtub In The World

This crystal bathtub is the numero uno masterpiece of the couple Baldi-Harrods and it’s price is almost $800000. It is made 100% out of crystal, and therefore, its price is quite justified, at least for those who can afford such a bathtub.Basically, the bathtub is meant to be enough for 3 persons, as it has a large diameter of 2,5 meters.

The buyer of this bathtub will have two major advantages: will have an unique bathtub as this was made just one piece, and that the bathtub won’t crack at all as it is made from one immense block of crystal. Also, this bathtub is guaranteed to last up to 200 years, therefore, from this point of view, there shall be no problems at all.

For those interested in buying this bathtub, the real price is $790,310, price that is considered to be the biggest price ever asked for a bathtub.


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