The Modern Linea Mode Bathtub

Usually when choosing a new tub for your home there aren’t a lot of things to take into consideration. But that’s only until you see the huge offer and all the different models that are available on the market. Only then you start to realize that it’s a much more complex item that you initially thought.

A bathtub first of all needs to be comfortable. The main reason why people even take baths in the first place is because it allows them to relax and to feel like new again. The Linea Mode definitely has that covered. The other element people usually take into consideration when purchasing a tub is the actual design. They want their bathroom to look beautiful and the bathtub is a big part of that room.

Considering only those two elements, this particular model is perfect. The Linea Mode is a Whirlpool Acrylic Bathtub and it was designed by Franco Bertoli in 2011. It’s a new creation so it also includes top-of-the-line fixtures. The Linea Mode combines looks with functionality. It has 16 Airpooljets with commands to the tub edge and tap loft B1. It’s also a very comfortable bathtub with a friendly shape. The design itself is very elegant and beautiful. And yet another advantage is the built-in storage space for things like shampoo, towels, etc.

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