The minimalist Delos washbasin top by Eoos

A stylish bathroom is defined by the furniture in it. It is particularly difficult to create a stylish bathroom decor because of the nature of the furniture that needs to be included. The material palette is limited and so are the designs and the shapes. In the case of the washbasin, there aren’t many options available. However, designers find a way to make each piece unique. The Delos washbasin top is one such piece.

The Delos washbasin top was designed by Eoos in 2012. It’s a contemporary washbasin top with a minimalist design and a delicate shape. It was designed for Duravit Italia and it’s part of the Delos collection. All the pieces from the Delos collection feature the same minimalist designs. However, they manage to introduce a stylish and casual feel into this space. The pieces also feature light designs that help keep the room airy and fresh.

The Delos washbasin top is an apparently floating console. It has no visible support system and it simply stands on the wall. The console can do that thanks to its invisible wall fitting. This allows it to get all the attention and to introduce new standards when it comes to bathroom furniture. The effect it creates is unique. The Delos collection also features a washbasin unit, a bathroom mirror and a bathroom cabinet. They all share the same minimalist design, they are made from the same materials and have the same finishes. They are all very elegant and serve better as a set. However, they can also be sued separately for a strong effect.

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