The Hall washbasin from Artceram

Since we really love the washbasins offered by Artceram, we decided to show you just one more. Not as fun as the Cup basin but elegant and gracious just like the Wave washbasin, this beauty is called Hall. The Hall washbasin features an oval shape with a hole in the middle. That’s probably where it also got its name from.

This beautiful item was designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati and it features the same minimalist design as most of the products offered by this company. It also has a glossy finish that makes it glamorous and chic. The Hall washbasin measures 60 x 40 x 85 cm and because of its design it would more interesting if placed against a black or colored walls so that the central hole would be more visible.

In order to install this stylish washbasin, first you’ll need to install the mixer, drain pipe and siphon and replace the draining tube of siphon with the flex included in the box. Next position the adhesive protection and bring the washbasin against the wall in order to establish the water connection. Then push it against the wall in the position desired. You’ll also need to put some silicon under the base to make it more stable. As most of the contemporary washbasin designs found on Artceram, this one would also look best in a modern or contemporary home or in any other similar place, including public areas such as bars or office bathrooms.

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