The Fonte freestanding washbasin by Monica Graffeo

The Fonte washbasin has a design inspired by the Japanese philosophy. Its name translates as “fountain” and the shape is quite suggestive as well. The washbasin was designed by Monica Graffeo in 2012 for Rexa Design. It’s a part of the Fonte collection that also includes showers and receptacles as well as bathtubs.

The washbasin is reminiscent of a bucket but has a stylized and delicate design. It has clean and beautiful lines and an overall simple but elegant design. In addition its shape and overall design is also very functional and created in perfect harmony of our everyday needs. Everyone has items and essentials that they use every day, things such as liquid soap, shaving cream, moisturizer and other items. These are elements that need to be placed somewhere where they are easy to reach but where they don’t incommode the others.

The design of this washbasin allows you to do that while maintaining its simplicity. The actual basic is wrapped into two horizontal levels that serve as storage shelves for all the items we usually try to squeeze in the small space on our sink. With this washbasin the problem is solved. It seems such a small details but it can make a huge difference once you realize how practical it is. All the other pieces from the Fonte collection have similarly functional designs.

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