The evocative atmopshere of a bathroom:17 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas

When the objective of the designer is to transform a room into a temple of well-being, the result can be at least satisfactory. How can we do that? In this case, combining certain elements from the most important to the smallest details, from sanitary and plumbing fixtures, and the result is a coating with character and the best distribution. The interior designer Diego Rodriguez signed this sophisticated bathroom in one of the last editions from Casa DecorMadrid.

The tub, a free model made in Corian and protected by a tempered glass screen, takes center stage next to the bench and side table.

Thus, being placed in the center of the space, it determines the organization of the other elements, designed by A-Cero and Cosmic Group.The courtyard and several skylights add great clarity and soften the tone of the floor, a parquet of oak smoked. It is certain and obvious the fact that Miguel Angel Lacomba conceived this bathroom as a place for contemplation.

What can be more relaxing than a tub under the window revealing a great view? There is an impressive distribution of objects, an optimization of the space and light, but among the most attractive aspects, there are the play with coverings that obtains a total makeover, the materials used and the ornamental design creating an evocative atmosphere we would not necessarily expect to see in a bathroom.{found on nuevo-estilo}.

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